5KW Wind Turbine Made By Syed Toseef Haider Zaidi In Karachi Pakistan Contact +92-3332160916

FACT PVT. LTD. For More Info: www.haider-engineering.piczo.com Wind Mill Farms In : Hyderabad,Gharo,Karachi,Khairpur Mirus,Lohoure,Dubai,Maracco,Thata,Badeen,Kati Bander Islamabad,Peshawar,USA,Canada,Davao City,Bankok,Japan,Koria,Astralia,South Africa,Gambat. Wind Turbine

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25 Responses to “5KW Wind Turbine Made By Syed Toseef Haider Zaidi In Karachi Pakistan Contact +92-3332160916”

  1. ashkhann says:

    Hello Haider,

    Brother I appreciate your work and I really like it. was wondering how much it cost??

  2. aquarion385 says:

    Thumbs up for you bro, this is great work, I know it works and people who are saying show us out they are nerds, they dont have a clue of what you have achieved, this is very nice, I have also visited the website but regret to inform that the links of the downloads do not work, I need further information as I have also been thinking of making a wind nill soon as we can not rely on the power company or the bull shit government that is supposed to run our beloved country.

  3. 7Linkman says:

    great oye

  4. mrazkhan says:

    fake video

    if truth then why video putted on fast, & if these guys r genius they why did’nt showed the original output of electricity on meter

  5. jinxjack123 says:

    Allah will help you from Mohd. Rafiq from Jeddah Saudi

  6. Rebecka Bangert says:

    Hello there! Thank you for this helpful video. By the way, I notice a lot of people keep on talking about Xobotano Home Energy (search on google), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you considered this alternative home energy called Xobotano Home Energy? I’ve heard some great things about it.

  7. shaheertanveerakhan says:

    Bey fikar ho jao meray bhai. Ye sab chor kay bachhay apni jaan kay khuaf mein bethay hain.. Sirf jab chance milta hai toh logon ka khoon choostay hain, warna darr kay maaray apnay daftar se nahi nikaltay… Logon mein ab itni aag aur nafrat bhar chuki hai kay agar iss tarhaan kay “apni-madad-aap” kay projects kay peechay parr gaey toh 5 minute lagain gey road block aur jalao girao honay mein (although i’m NOT saying violence is good!)..phir ye saaray WAPDA KESC waalay dum dabaa kay bhagain gey..

  8. chohdhryji says:

    aslam o alaiqum sir
    i saw your video and defiantly we are proud on you.. 

  9. hashim110000 says:

    Kindly Contact Me On My Number 00923332160916

  10. TheYaseen1 says:

    Good work sir. it wud be nice if u showed something running on this power. anyway 2 thumbs up 🙂 gr8 work

  11. falconsangha says:

    well done

  12. roberttrash1 says:

    compañero quisiera realizar el proyecto pero no entiendo el idioma tal bes me pudieras ayudar en español a mi coreo el cual es electromecanicarj@hotmail.com

  13. phalak2010 says:

    Dear Brother we want to know that is it working fine or not. If yes then many people wants to buy this from you? kindly reply. Then i will be the buyer

  14. sayedwaqarh says:

    you did not show complete video how to make 5kw

  15. publicitychannel1 says:

    well done ,god bless you -naeem qureshi

  16. TheServiceWeb says:

    Visit: windturbinecarriedbywheels.weebly.com
    ZERO-NOISE from gears and generators since they are sealed underground.
    SAVES THE BIRDS AND BATS since slow-moving.
    DOES NOT NEED TO OCCUPY A WIDER LANDSCAPE since the turbine can be very tall.
    MAY BE LOWER-COST since it may use timber and other cheaper things.
    ELUDES HURRICANE FORCE since the blades automatically close.
    NO FIRE since well-cooled.

  17. marghoob3 says:

    is energy generating system installation for individual use legal in pakistan, i hv heard that kesc and wapda can sue the one who is doing this?

  18. shahidmahsood says:

    SubhanAllah,,,,, Tauseef bhai great work,,,, we are proud of you,,,,,, I myself am an electrical engineer but I am not 1 percent of a practical engineer compared to you,,,, Keep up the great work, our prayers are with you, Allah bless you,,,,

  19. musakhan666 says:

    zaidi sahab tell how much electricity does this wind turbine is producing…..and whats the total cost of it????and also tel me how much wind is required to make it feasible ????

  20. Khalid1349 says:

    nice work tausif…
    Anybody can make this wind turbine but it require hardwork, patience, consistensy and time with little money .. Thanks Allah we are in Pakistan where we can find all the components in cheap.
    We are blessed with good wind especially near the costal area and northern areas…
    Shershah markey Gali No. 6 and 7 are a great source of the magnets.

  21. javeedsheikh says:

    you are engineer and impressed.. this is very simple … no need to impressed you can do more more complecate work brother… if you will impressed this work how do you do big work…

  22. javeedsheikh says:

    speaker magnet use karsakta hain aur hard disk kai magnet use kar saktai hain aacha hotai hi powerful neodanium magnet hotai hain …most powerful magnet… enjoy

  23. azfar348 says:

    We pakis will never give up

  24. seghal11s says:

    No Answer Kuoon Kay Is kay pass Khood Koiee Info nahai … Welder Salla

  25. seghal11s says:

    Yar Video Ka Fault naee hia Hashim Sahab koo Khood Koiee Info nahee hia .. Infact Shershah Jaa Kay Survo ( DC Motor Otha kay Lay aaay Or Us Par Wind Blade Laga dia … Alternator Electronic Market say Mill Jay 1KW kay … Input 12V Out Put 1KW …… Soon I will Share you PPL Complete Detail …. Ya Welding kartay hee Rahin gay Is say gay kuch nahee in kay pass …

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