#allthecommissioners: Twitter makes some more essential appointments

After a leaked document revealed Tony Abbott’s government plans to create a windfarm commissioner, Twitter turned its hive mind to the task of appointing people to sort out other bothersome things

Word of the Abbott government’s proposal of a “windfarm commissioner” – to determine their visual appeal, perhaps – has been received with glee on Twitter, where suggestions for further appointments are being corralled with the hashtag #allthecommissioners.

Some of our favourites are below – let us know in the comments what other commissioners you’d like to see Tony Abbott appoint.

Australia's new wind farm commissioner #allthecommissioners pic.twitter.com/eDo1Mhmvjp

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A Commissioner for Overtaking in the Inside Lane. #allthecommissioners

Commissioner for Working out How Many Flags We Need. #allthecommissioners

Please consider my application to be the Commissioner for Complaints That The Simpsons Is Not As Good As It Was. #allthecommissioners

Commissioner for Mindless Distractions So Everyone Forgets the Children in Detention #allthecommissioners

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Commissioner for ABC Comedy. #allthecommissioners pic.twitter.com/kSj6ey2q1a

Commissioner for Dog Whistling #allthecommissioners

Kommissioner for Kool-Aid #allthecommissioners

Young People Today Commissioner #allthecommissioners

A Commissioner for people walking slowly side by side on crowded footpaths #allthecommissioners

Commissioners for Hollow Statements worthy of Repetition and Worthy of Repetition. #allthecommissioners

Commissioner for Labor's fault #allthecommissioners

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