An Introduction: Using DIY Wind Turbines To Power Our Homes

It is important that we establish the most effective, efficient renewable energy sources to limit our carbon emissions and prevent the depletion of our non-renewable fossil fuels. From an environmental perspective, the long-term objective is to conserve our limited natural resources whilst our priority is to prevent the further progression of climate change. Integrating wind turbines into our homes is key to achieving this goal and we need to start being accountable for the energy we use.

So far, building-integrated turbines have encountered a number of sustainability issues during their development. Problems with economic viability and Government support have been highlighted, but wind energy is still one of the fastest growing forms of energy today. Besides water power, it is by far the most technically advanced of all renewable power sources, and its economic breakthrough the closest. Hope is harboured for creating energy through offshore wind plants, but if our political obligations are to be met then domestic building-integrated turbines are expected to make the biggest contribution. The significant breakthrough in wind power is the latest easy-to-use DIY guides, giving anyone an opportunity to make a stand and get involved with renewable energy.

The next few years could be a make or break period for small scale wind power to make a contribution to our electricity supply. This is where YOU come in....

Using this fantastic guide, you can save thousands off the traditional costs of wind turbines and solar panels by making your own! You will save money, reduce your bills, help the environment, have a lot of fun and it's not even half as technically demanding as you might think – anyone can do it! You could even make yourself a very respectable second income by making and selling your own renewable devices to family/friends. Don't hesitate, start straight away.

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