Cheap Verticle Wind Turbine

We are working on an inexpensive yet efficient wind turbine generator for use by low-income communities all around the world. Our goal is to build the best t...

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12 Responses to “Cheap Verticle Wind Turbine”

  1. Phil Riddle says:

    put a second bycycle wheel above

  2. ingesumadre says:

    try to build an structure tu add stability on top

  3. hyweu says:

    It looks like a really good start!

  4. sjh7132 says:

    Maybe use 2 bike wheels and support it at both ends, then you could make
    the blades really long.

  5. stopcraponutube says:

    @troybrownrigg – The music has been taken from Groovy Dancing Guys video on

  6. Yaaroslav says:

    Add a wheel in the top of blades

  7. troy brownrigg says:

    Why the music if you can call it that?

  8. pktuntunwala says:

    wow this thing can really spin. if you use a solid base wheel such as a
    lightweight cut out rather then and hollow wheel, the moment of inertial
    will decrease the base will spin faster and more easily

  9. iLikeClassics says:

    How did it spin so much, just from the wind outside?

  10. TonyToca30 says:

    I can see an alternator adding drag to this but the whole concept about low
    income communities is excellent. Good Job!

  11. indyrev says:

    Well, we took 24 inch wide aluminum flashing and measured out our section,
    cut it, then folded the piece in half. While holding it folded in half (not
    pushing to compress the fold too much) we slid back the top about 1/8″ to
    1/4″ thus forming the airfoil. We used clamps to hold in position as we
    drilled some holes and shot some pop rivets in place.

  12. WizzleThump says:


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