Climate change report by Lord Stern shows there’s still time just

Study says halting rise of carbon emissions is achievable at modest cost, but this is nothing new. What's stopping us?

The world is heating up under the pressure of rising greenhouse gas emissions, and the consequences will be dire: an increase in extreme weather, droughts, floods, a loss of agricultural productivity, people living precarious lives pushed closer to the brink. But it does not have to be so. Halting the rise of carbon emissions is possible not only possible, but achievable at a modest cost that will be more than outweighed by the manifest benefits. We spend a little more now, to recoup in the next few decades in the form of breathable air, drinkable water and an atmosphere that doesn't cook us.

Sounds familiar? The New Climate Economy report, co-authored by Nicholas Stern, is published on Tuesday but it echoes the warnings first set out in stark terms in his landmark review of the economics of climate change in 2006. Then, his findings were revolutionary. Naysayers had argued that climate change was just too big a problem, too expensive to solve, requiring as it does an overhaul of the world's energy systems and economy. Stern proved in language that economists can understand that it could be done, that dealing with climate change need not cost the earth.

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