Crazy home made wind turbine

On Little Corn Island, off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, I found this home made wind turbine made of driftwood and old packing crates working like a char...

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25 Responses to “Crazy home made wind turbine”

  1. iEugene1994 says:

    Посмотрел на место, где живет этот чувак, затем посмотрел в окно… Сыро,
    хрущевки, туман, летают вороны… Возле мусорного бака бухают и орут на всю
    улицу 3 алкаша, хотя сейчас всего 8 утра. О_0 В каком-то неправильном месте
    я живу.

  2. DJOgurchik says:

    If id live on a shore there would be turbines freakin everywhere!

  3. Sead Kolic says:

    @tpm4life I’m sorry Wilson! 🙂

  4. Donno says:

    Who cares about the turbine look at the view !

  5. Chris Stottsberry says:

    @CeleronS1 it wouldn’t really be efficent if it was, because the vehicle
    alternators require a faster spin..

  6. Nomoreidsleft says:

    Looks kind of flimsy. How’s it going to survive a storm or worst yet a

  7. Enatbyte says:

    Redneck generator

  8. robcoil12 says:

    I love it, this is paradise!

  9. henchzk says:

    jajaja, age of empire X

  10. Yassine Ben says:

    patched like a pirate turbine

  11. LOPEZdJUNGLIST says:

    i wouldnt wanna stumble near that fucker pissed up on the beach at night

  12. CeleronS1 says:

    Is it car alternator?

  13. mitt obama says:

    good good

  14. cmsracing says:

    Looks a wee bit rickety!

  15. windsunvolts says:

    I love this video. simple construction and why waste money on an expensive
    wind generator in an area that could destroy it anyway. Free abundant

  16. Erick Lee says:


  17. ThePostal67 says:

    That ain’t my backyard, darn.

  18. Muhammad Hariz says:

    nice place!

  19. david vernon williamson says:

    straight out of ‘the admirable crichton’ by JM Barrie

  20. TheWindGinProject says:

    This Mon say, No Tanks! I don’t need no OPEC. I got fresh conch and ice
    cubes for my rum.

  21. David Vega says:

    That place is like VOLTAIC Age, from Myst III

  22. vlado anton says:

    😀 it’s simple and effective. nice 😀

  23. njm vermont says:

    at some point a storm will knock it down unless its concrete so why build
    expensive trubines when u can just keep making free ones.

  24. kwakman99 says:

    The turbine is amazing, the view spectacular. Gotta love people’s ingenuity.

  25. oregonmeds says:

    Wow paradise… And that rustic looking windmill looks perfect there, way
    better than a stale mass produced modern looking one. That looks like it
    fits the environment.

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