Darrieus Wind Turbine Prototype

This is a modification of the Darrieus wind turbine I am designing to build in China for the University of Tusla's Engineers without Borders.

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25 Responses to “Darrieus Wind Turbine Prototype”

  1. Mrinfoone says:

    Honestly the inventor did these without the center pads and outside ones ( red ones you have remove them. They make the vawt slow down more than help. Plus make the blades more slimmer and wider in the center like canoe paddles. This will increase the speed and torque dramatically..try it.

  2. jmnic63 says:

    you need more surface area to push the fan blades faster

  3. vetteracer98 says:

    I built a machine that was used to warp (bend) an airfoil designed after a helicopter blade that was 50ft. long. There were three blades on that turbine that was set in Monument, Colorado in the early ’80s. It spun so fast that it had brakes on it so it would not overspeed. Everything was computer controlled. Too bad the man spent his money in the wrong places and ran out.  It had great potential. Keep trying.

  4. MrFakhre says:

    whats most impressive is this has 98,000 views.

  5. MMinecrafTT says:

    mute :P

  6. MrKiller379 says:


  7. pinkyzoey says:

    It might make enough power to run your toothbrush if you go out and push it every hour.

  8. gautam33 says:

    I remember Keplinger hall. I am surprised that thing went on for over five mins in that location.

  9. cozodapo says:

    interesting construction I like the simplicity

  10. Deathzilla7 says:

    It may keep going but the wasted energy must be astronomical. A regular propellor turbine must be far more effective. No offense.

  11. walperstyle says:

    Why would you support the Chinese, build it in America. Keep the money in the country. Employ Americans.

  12. Porterjebazillanator says:

    So they tried building these in the 70s. They all failed within 2 years. The problem is that there is higher load around the equator than the poles. This gives you some nasty vibrational loads. Might want to read up on it.

  13. joohop says:


  14. IronHorsez88 says:

    i never try to be rude, but please try again

  15. pip1503 says:

    I disagree. You have a savonious wind turbine in the middle of it.
    So basically what it seems you have done is make a savonius turbine with cool looking darrieus blades around it that are doing nothing.
    If that was a real darrieus it would be spinning alot faster.

  16. DANATENS says:


  17. sjh7132 says:

    Okay didn’t really think out the rope idea. It’s just going to be hit by the outer blades. But my point is if you can give it some initial speed so the blades are moving faster than the wind, I bet it will take off and run.

  18. sjh7132 says:

    At that speed your outer blades aren’t doing anything. If you can spin it up, they will take off, and the thing may scare you.

    Wind a rope around the center and give it a pull start and see what happens.

    BTW air foil shape isn’t all the critical, I’ve had flat pieces of cardboard spin, but the bigger the diameter, the harder it is to get them to start.

  19. DeanC993 says:

    Hi you might want to remove the outer blades and make bigger savoinus blades! Anyway its pretty cool but if you were going to put on a genertor it would be best to put bigger and more efficent savoinus blades(:

  20. Indracart says:

    jajaja balla patata

  21. Anubis1372 says:

    not bad…good work!

  22. tressner says:

    i like the leaf blower in the background

  23. CablloBlanco says:

    Needs some tweaking …. keep working at it!

  24. alliismylover says:

    Keep in mind, it is at ground level, there is a wall right behind it, and the wind speed is less than 6mph, the standard start up speed for horizontal axis turbines. My my accounts this things is doing better than most.

  25. macrumpton says:

    I think that it would spin a lot faster if you removed the outer blades and just kept the internal pvc savonius rotors.
    Darreius rotors typically need to be spinning a lot faster than you have it going in order to start working correctly.

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