DIY Wind Turbine and Solar Panel Array

This is a 1.5 kW solar and wind system set up north of Lakeland, Florida. Recorded during a storm so the wind turbine is spinning very fast. Mach 5 wind turb...

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7 Responses to “DIY Wind Turbine and Solar Panel Array”

  1. Theidiotsearcher says:

    cool solar and wind, free electricity.

  2. Eric Layton says:


  3. CrapPolice says:

    That’s a nice looking turbin and system.

  4. Eric Layton says:

    You have a nice setup too. Thanks for sharing. 

  5. Eric Layton says:


  6. Justin Case says:

    I like it Eric 🙂

  7. HR12465 says:

    Looks good. I live in Florida as well. I have been build my setup for awhile now. I can only do it in small steps. You can go to my channel and check it out.

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