High Efficiency Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Disclosed video clip shows practical presentation of High Efficiency Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine to understand basic concept. Briefly stated, my invention comprises Wind Turbine Head having very high RPM limit, wherein a tower divided in two parts as main tower (10) and sub tower (02) which are not in one line and there extensional distance covered by plate (06); nacelle (01) mounted on flexible sub tower (02), means nacelle (01) can vibrate at horizontal plane to manage horizontal plane overloading effect on nacelle (01); and nacelle (01) comprises rotor axle (16), which is flexible for tilting or vibration means; by mutual action of flexible sub tower (02) and rotor axle (16), thereby any phase vibrations or shocks of rotor axle (16) do not transmits in whole system, by means vibrations or shocks of rotor axle (16) are control or absorb, wherein vibrations & shocks are control or absorb by using number of springs, thus we can use the rotor having very high efficiency irrespective of its RPM. The unique features of my invention are Low Cost, High Efficiency & Very Low Maintenance. Another object of this invention is that the system can work very well without resisting high RPM related problems. It means the rotor can rotate/racing to gain its natural optimum efficiency irrespective of the RPM, this all being done by using a simple passive system. Please keeping this in mind I would like to clarify that the present invention comprise of multiple parts viz, Nacelle (01 16 ...

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6 Responses to “High Efficiency Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine”

  1. ypsonar says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for your reply, I kindly request to you see my latest Ideas in my other video clips through my channel, I hope you will give me your valuables suggestion to my latest Ideas, and I will consider your support in future.
    Yogesh Sonar

  2. hypervalve says:

    Speaking as an Engineer this is an extremely good design. But I would suggest that you add magnets to the rotor blades to increase the power coefficient. If that were the case I would like to invest in this turbine.

  3. kasenpierce says:

    Good Design but i would appreciate it if you built it.

  4. ypsonar says:

    To see my work just search on you tobe “yogesh sonar wind turbine” and you will be find out.

  5. ypsonar says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you very much for your reply, wind energy is a part of sun’s enegy. Try to see some of updated desing of my work, web link give below,

    Presently I am concentrated on Magnetic energy.


    Yogesh Sonar

  6. TheSimonHarris says:

    Good design but concentrate you mind on harnessing the sun’s energy!

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