Beware nuclear industry’s fake news on being emissions free | Letters

David Blackburn says we need decentralised energy sources; David Lowry on nuclear not being zero-carbon technology; plus letters from David Hayes and Fred Starr I wholeheartedly agree with much of your editorial (14 September), as the economics of new nuclear is weaker than ever at a time when renewables are coming in cheaper year on […]

William DeOreo: Windmills are not the answer

View of a windmill farm in La Ventosa, Juchitan community, Oaxaca State, Mexico in July of this year. I read Alex Burness' article about how Xcel is morphing into a green energy company , but there are points that need clarification. View full post on Wind Power News

Wind energy mines digital cash to support climate research

Climate change is frequently described as a vicious cycle that depletes the very resources needed to fight it. In the case of Julian Oliver's latest project, however, it could almost be described as virtuous. View full post on Wind Power News

How M&M’S is taking a stand against climate change with wind power

The threat of climate change looms large these days. From changing rainfall patterns to super storms and extreme temperatures, climate change puts communities everywhere at risk – and it has the potential to get even worse. View full post on Wind Power News

Nuclear power plants may not keep Britain’s lights on, say Lib Dems

Party raises concerns over nuclear costs as Vince Cable says record low wind power prices should lead to ‘radical reappraisal’ New nuclear power stations may not be the best option for keeping Britain’s lights on and meeting the country’s carbon targets, the Liberal Democrats have said. The party said there were legitimate concerns over nuclear’s […]

Colstrip Deal Moves Northwest Residents Closer To Coal-Free Electricity

Thousands of Northwest residents will be getting less electricity from burning coal. That's because of a new agreement to fast-track the closure of a coal-fired power plant in Montana. View full post on Wind Power News

India’s Wind Turbine Makers Mull Cuts as Auction Pace Lags

ReGen Powertech Pvt., one of India's top five wind turbine makers, last month shuttered a factory in the northwest city of Udaipur and laid off workers, signaling challenges roiling the nation's wind turbine manufacturers as they adjust to an auction system that's throwing into doubt how much wind energy gets built. “We all have extra […]

4 environment Power lines to connect Wyoming wind energy to…

The Salt Lake Tribune A Rocky Mountain Power crew works on power lines near 800 south and Foothill Drive in Salt Lake City, Utah Monday February 25, 2013. Rawlins, Wyo. View full post on Wind Power News

The role of renewables in the UK energy mix | Letters

The case for new nuclear power stations is fatuous now offshore wind power has come down in cost so much, says Ian Hill. Yes, writes Will Taylor, but don’t forget the potential of tidal energy. Hold on a minute before rejecting nuclear, argue Tim Chittenden and Jim Waterton Your excellent editorial on the reducing cost […]

Wind Turbine Components 2017 Global Market Expected to Grow at CAGR 12% and Forecast to 2021

Wind turbines harness the power of the wind to generate electricity. The energy present in the wind turns the blades around a rotor, which is connected to the main shaft that spins a generator to create electricity. View full post on Wind Power News