Prototype wind turbine (auto governing/ furling).

24 Volt futurenergy pmg, 1800 w in high winds, i use this model to charge a 450A battery bank which heats the living room and runs the plasma in windy periods, it's spinning pretty fast although the camera doesn't pick it up that well due to frame speed, unit auto furls at 40 mph, just a breeze in this clip but was rising to 6-7 Amps when wind got past the trees. I run it through an Ammeter to monitor output.

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7 Responses to “Prototype wind turbine (auto governing/ furling).”

  1. perazh says:

    The only problem with wind turbines is their noise.

  2. oceanmasterza says:

    “as price drops”… You could make your own for pretty cheap (in comparison for what a made one costs).

    The “real” expense is in the batteries, electronics (invertors etc) and finally in the tower also.

  3. TheWindMillMan says:

    move to scotland guys LOL. hows you big fellar hope you rae well

  4. wind4watts says:

    These blads are very quiet, but the older Chinese ones, boy how some of them can howl! i know what you mean. A nice 5kw or bigger suit a farm well. Yep PV great for garden or roof as price drops.

  5. Dilekz says:

    Wind turbines are great, a little bit noisy etc. but ye.. Every farmer should atleast have 1. ( a big one ).
    In big city’s we need more like PV probably.

  6. wind4watts says:

    I know what u mean, waiting to test some blade pitch pins myself, no free power at the moment!!.

  7. windysolar1 says:

    nice to see another futurenergy turbine on youtube

    pray for wind

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