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Tony Abbott rebuffed after attacking Turnbull government on renewable energy target

Malcolm Turnbull says the Coalition’s position on the RET was settled 18 months ago under former prime minister’s leadership Malcolm Turnbull has dismissed Tony Abbott’s latest criticism of the Coalition’s renewable energy target, reminding Abbott that the target was settled under his leadership just 18 months ago. Abbott warned at a Young Liberals conference at […]

New clean energy investment mandate a shift from policy proposed by Abbott

Directive to CEFC to focus on innovative and emerging technologies will enhance support for windfarms and small-scale solar projects The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has been directed to focus on innovative and emerging technologies, reversing a mandate by the former prime minister Tony Abbott that would have specifically blocked funding for windfarms and small-scale […]

Malcolm Turnbull lifts Abbott ban on government finance for wind power

Clean Energy Finance Corporation to remain able to back wind projects as Coalition reverses ban that never came into force Related: Paris climate talks: Bishop hails ‘historic’ day as nearly 200 countries sign deal Malcolm Turnbull has lifted the ban imposed by Tony Abbott on wind investment by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) before […]

Abbott government war on green ‘saboteurs’ is Laurel and Hardy slapstick

The Coalition’s ‘war on environmental vigilantes and saboteurs’ isn’t consistent: it’s waged against anti-coal activists but in support of anti-windfarm activists Even for the Abbott government the inconsistencies in the latest “war on environmental vigilantes and saboteurs” are astonishing. And the slapstick nature of its attempt to use the issue as a political wedge is […]

Renewable energy: Labor attacks ‘unscientific’ Tony Abbott over $60b bill claim

Labor has described Prime Minister Tony Abbott as “the most unscientific” leader in Australia’s recent history after he claimed the party’s ambitious renewable energy goal would cost consumers $60 billion. Mr Abbott said on Monday Labor’s pledge to source half the nation’s power from renewable sources by 2030 – a position backed by the party’s […]

Andrews government may bypass Abbott government policies on renewables

Premier Daniel Andrews says his government is close to announcing plans to boost investment and jobs in the renewable energy sector by bypassing the Abbott government’s policies. Speaking on Wednesday near Ararat where a $450 million, 75-turbine wind farm is to be built, Mr Andrews increased his attacks on Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s approach to […]

Abbott government extends renewable energy investment ban to solar power

Clean Energy Finance Corporation banned from investing in small-scale solar projects in move industry claims is ‘revenge politics’ that will strangle the sector A directive banning the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) from investing in existing wind technology will also apply to small-scale solar projects, a move that will effectively throttle the industry, the Australian […]

Abbott government pledges to appoint a windfarm commissioner in leaked letter

Exclusive: draft letter from Greg Hunt to crossbench senators details promises made to win their support for renewable energy legislation The Abbott government will appoint a “windfarm commissioner” to handle complaints about turbine noise and a new scientific committee to investigate, again, their alleged impacts on human health, in a late-night deal with anti-wind senators […]

Abbott government’s windfarm commissioner pledge ‘a new low’

‘Why not appoint a coal commissioner?’ asks wind and renewables industry, reacting with dismay to leaked promise made to crossbenchers The Abbott government’s proposed “wind commissioner” represents a “new low in its relentless anti-renewables campaign”, the wind industry says, suggesting the Coalition might do better to appoint a “coal commissioner”. Related: Abbott government pledges to […]

Abbott government vows to appoint a wind farm commissioner in…

The Abbott government has vowed to clamp down on wind energy in negotiations with crossbench senators to secure support for its renewable energy target legislation. A national wind farm commissioner to investigate complaints about wind turbines will be appointed by the Abbott government as anti-wind energy senators move to curb the industry’s growth. View full […]