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Wind power overtakes nuclear for first time in UK across a quarter

News of milestone comes as MPs say policy changes have caused collapse in investment in renewables Britain’s windfarms provided more electricity than its eight nuclear power stations in the first three months of 2018, marking the first time wind has overtaken nuclear across a quarter. The renewable energy industry hailed the milestone as a sign […]

Balancing out the lulls of wind power with a wider reach across Europe

Europe has seven prevailing weather regimes, a system windfarms could better exploit to even out supply and demand Renewable energy is great in principle, but, some people may say, how do we keep the lights on when the wind fails to blow or the sun doesn’t shine? The issue of “intermittency” is a criticism of […]

Winds of change: gusts across Europe help set renewable power record

Nuclear, wind and solar power in UK generate more electricity than gas and coal combined for first time ever The windy weather across Europe in the past 24 hours may have been a curse for summer picnics, but it has set records for renewable power. Related: ‘Spectacular’ drop in renewable energy costs leads to record […]

Wind farm would stretch across Burke to Divide line

Next Era Energy Resources held an open house in Bowbells Thursday to introduce Burke County residents to a proposed wind farm project. If the project is built, 89 wind generators will dot the landscape in an area running from southwest of Bowbells along the Coteau hills to the Divide County line. View full post on […]

The Obama Years: Views On A Presidency, Across America

We put that big question to scores of people in seven states. We chose places where the president delivered speeches about his vision for America. View full post on Wind Power News

Renewable energy under fire in Kansas, across U.S.

State government mandates requiring utilities to buy a certain portion of their power from renewable resources are coming under fire across the U.S., but so far legislatures have been able to turn back efforts to repeal them. View full post on Wind Power News

Solar farms ‘will not spread unrestricted across British countryside’

Greg Barker says he does not want large solar farms to become as controversial as onshore wind power Solar farms must not spread unrestricted across the British countryside and become as controversial as onshore wind turbines, a minister warned on Friday. Instead, solar panels will be rolled out on millions of homes, businesses, schools and […]

Power line project raising concerns across Missouri

A plan to transport wind energy from Kansas to the east coast is raising concerns with farmers and landowners across three states. View full post on Wind Power News

Record Wind Power Levels Trigger Energy Price Fall Across Europe

New submitter Forty Two Tenfold writes “Electricity prices across Europe dropped last month as mild temperatures, strong winds and stormy weather produced wind power records in Germany, France and the UK, according to data released by Platts. View full post on Wind Power News

Big New Investments in Wind Energy Across the Country and Around the World

After spending last weekend at the Heartland Coalfield Alliance’s retreat in the Illinois coal basin region, I’m more inspired than ever. View full post on Wind Power News