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Anti-wind power groups full of hot air

Unfortunately, fossil fuel-funded special interest groups like Americans for Prosperity are working to mislead the public and elected officials regarding the wind industry. In a recent column in The Hill, Americans for Prosperity claimed the wind industry is relying on backroom deals and that the Production Tax Credit has provided little in return on investment […]

Lowell VT rejects anti-wind vote at town meeting

Lowell voters are standing behind their support for a 21-turbine industrial wind power project making electricity on a ridge above the northern Vermont community. View full post on Wind Power News

George Monbiot is mistaken – National Trust is not ‘anti-wind, pro-fracking’ | Dame Helen Ghosh

The headlines were misleading and the quotes selective – we have not changed our policy on these issues Last week, the Times published a front-page story headlined: “We’re open to fracking, says National Trust boss”, which suggested that the Trust’s position on wind energy and fracking had changed. The use of selective quotes from an […]

New England anti-wind farm groups oppose development

The letter, addressed “Communities to Governors and Premiers” at the 37th annual Conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers in La Malbaie, Quebec, on Sunday and Monday, is signed by hundreds of “victims” of wind power projects and groups opposing them. View full post on Wind Power News

Anti-wind farm campaigners threaten Australia’s renewable energy target

Deceitful campaigns and legislative barriers threaten to undermine a wind power revolution in Australia and the industry must offer a strong response Buffeted by the infamous Roaring Forties, King Island, Tasmania, experiences some of the strongest winds in the world. The 1100 sq metres island also plays host to a stormy battle over Hydro Tasmania’s […]

The right’s anti-wind campaign is pure scaremongering | John Quiggin

Climate change is a debacle for the Australian right. Their tribal hatred of environmentalists has driven them to denounce any technology favoured by their enemies Tony Abbott’s quip that emissions trading schemes represent ” a so-called market in invisible stuff ” has been rightly derided as a dog-whistle to climate denialists , unsuccessful only … […]

Let’s not martyr the white-throated needletail to the anti-wind cause | Harry Huyton

The death of any bird is tragic, but when it comes to climate change we are talking about extinction of whole species This week an extraordinary animal paid a visit to our shores. The elegant and lightning-fast white-throated needletail breeds mostly in China and migrates to Australia, so it was unusual sight dancing around the […]

Donald Trump anti-wind power fundraiser fails to get off the ground

Anti-wind power fundraiser featuring Donald Trump hit by poor ticket sales, forcing organiser Chris Heaton-Harris MP to cancel Chris Heaton-Harris, the Conservative MP for Daventry, is perhaps best known outside his constituency for his vocal stance against wind turbines. Earlier this year, he organised a letter signed by 101 fellow Conservative MPs – and a […]

Trump’s Anti-Wind Ad Gets Trumped by UK Advertising Standards Authority

The Guardian /Screen capture The Trump Organization and Communities Against Turbines Scotland had a bit of a setback in their anti-wind campaigns this week, as one of their ads was banned from publication in the UK by the Advertising Standards Authority . View full post on Wind Power News

Scottish anti-wind turbine group’s ad rapped for using images of Hawaii

Advertising watchdog also says campaign featuring pictures of a broken and rusty wind farm made exaggerated claims A campaigning group that showed Scotland’s picturesque landscape blighted by rusty, broken wind turbines has been criticised by the advertising watchdog for using images from Hawaii. Communities Against Turbines in Scotland ran a regional press ad campaign with […]