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Intermittent approach to renewable energy | Letters

We need an energy storage infrastructure, says Jim Waterton, the Swansea lagoon decision should be reviewed, argues Robert Hinton, while Dr Tim Lunel wants solar subsidies restored Intermittency – in one word, the main problem facing many (not all) forms of renewable energy; in the UK, principally wind and solar, and now tidal (Hinkley Point […]

U.S. energy approach will affect national security

On the first day of the 2016 Maryland General Assembly session, state legislators joined clean energy advocates in Annapolis to push for legislation that would significantly boost Maryland's use of renewable energy, while creating the largest clean energy jobs training program in state history, supporters say. On the first day of the 2016 Maryland General […]

A corrected hybrid approach for wind speed prediction in Hexi Corridor of China

Wind energy has been well recognized as a renewable resource in electricity generation, which is environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and economically competitive. For proper and efficient evaluation of wind energy, a hybrid Seasonal Auto-Regression Integrated Moving Average and Least Square Support Vector Machine model is significantly developed to predict the mean monthly wind speed in […]

Statistical learning approach for wind resource assessment

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews , Vol. 56 , pp. 836-850, doi:10.1016/j.rser.2015.11.099 Wind resource assessment is fundamental when selecting a site for wind energy projects. View full post on Wind Power News

A Bold New Approach To Conventional Wind Energy Sources +VIDEO

August 31, 2015: The Solar Wind Downdraft Tower is the first hybrid solar-wind renewable energy technology in the market. The patented structure is comprised of a tall hollow cylinder with a water injection system near the top and wind tunnels containing turbines near the bottom. View full post on Wind Power News

Can China’s top-down approach fix its environmental crisis?

China’s top-down, engineering-driven approach may clean-up its environmental crisis, just don’t expect transparency and accountability China has the largest and one of the most dynamic clean tech sectors in the world. The close to $90bn invested in clean tech last year puts it well ahead of both the EU and the US. For all the […]

Approach to climate needs crisp change business analysis [Sunday Independent (South Africa)]

Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) For two decades, we have been trapped in this minimalist and incremental mindset, which is wrong in two key ways. View full post on Wind Power News