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Charging ahead: Welsh battery scheme may aid growth of green energy

One of the UK’s largest battery storage schemes, built next to a windfarm, will offer vital services to the National Grid Nestling alongside rows of conifers and wind turbines in a Welsh valley, a pioneering project will materialise this summer that could prove a blueprint for unlocking Britain’s renewable energy potential. The Upper Afan Valley […]

Battery Power Gives Boost to Renewables

It is the holy grail of the renewable energy sector – a cheap and efficient battery system that can store energy generated by renewables such as wind and solar. These days there are few who doubt the potential of renewables, except those diehards on the extreme of the fossil fuel industry. View full post on […]

This New Battery is a Game Changer

It is not often on SLB that I use the phrase “game-changer.” Most things progress, if they progress at all, in small increments. View full post on Wind Power News

US agency reaches ‘holy grail’ of battery storage sought by Elon Musk and Gates

Breakthrough in next generation of storage batteries could transform the US electrical grid within five to 10 years, says research agency, Arpa-E A US government agency says it has attained the “holy grail” of energy – the next-generation system of battery storage, that has has been hotly pursued by the likes of Bill Gates and […]

Re: Dirty Bike Battery

Great idea, Bosch, I want one! We asked Bosch about the advantage of their bike if all you had access to was electricity from a “dirty” source? And they reponded thus: “Even if you use the dirtiest electricity in the US, it’s still lower carbon emissions than a car. Simply due to fact that cars […]

Booth Spaces at the 12th China International Battery Fair Running Out with 80 Percent Reserved

In addition, two new events, the 1st China International Energy Storage Exhibition andthe 1st China International Power Bank Exhibition, will run concurrently to the main event. To date, more than 600 firms and organizations have booked over 70,000sqm of the available booth space since registration has opened for exhibitors on is observably higher than in […]

How A California Company Is Recycling Waste Slag To Deliver A Cheaper Advanced Battery

A California firm called Imergy believes it’s hit on a new chemistry that can drastically reduce the costs of certain advanced battery systems. View full post on Wind Power News

Liquid battery, the size of a truck, will give utilities a charge

Here’s the problem: Solar and wind power come in gushes followed by droughts, and big utilities need a way to keep the power grid stable through those fluctuations. View full post on Wind Power News

SolarCity Takes On Power Storage, With Tesla Battery System For Businesses

SolarCity, a California company leasing thousands of rooftop solar installations nationwide, is leveraging a partnership with Tesla Motors to bottle up the sun’s power for times when pulling energy from the grid proves expensive for businesses. View full post on Wind Power News

Low Wind Battery Charging with 14″ VAWT

Charging 4 battieries with low wind speeds. This shows our turbine quickly charges batteries in low wind. The turbine can power street lights, area lights, b…