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In Sweden, wind farms and warplanes battle for airspace

Several wind farm projects in Sweden are under threat due to the government's decision to reserve more airspace for its armed forces, according to two companies and an industry lobby group. FILE PHOTO: Windmills are seen in the “Dan Tysk” wind park of Swedish energy company Vattenfall and Stadtwerke Munich , located west of the […]

Renewable energy tax cut rewrite may be uphill battle for GOP :experts

The past decade has brought about a monumental shift in how fuel sources benefit from the U.S. tax code, with renewable energy more than lapping its counterparts in the oil, gas, and coal sectors. Federal tax “preferences” – such as tax credits for energy production, specific write-offs or deductions, or other benefits aimed at an […]

Trump’s carbon rules change won’t end battle over air quality

“President Trump's executive order rolls back one of the most draconian overreaches in the history of big government”. “Texas is once again experiencing an energy boom – this time, with wind power”. View full post on Wind Power News

‘Really remarkable’: Finally some good news in the battle against climate change

Global carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and industry have stabilised for a third year in a row, in a shift that will reduce the risks of dangerous climate change if the trend continues, researchers say. CO2 emissions from the two sources last year were steady at about 9.9 gigatonnes, slowing from a pace that […]

Battle over solar subsidies threatens to spill over into spring

The Latest on the return of NASA’s Scott Kelly and Russia’s Mikhail Korniekno from a year in space (all times ES STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, MARCH 1, 2016.One year has passed since limits on incentives for homeowners and others to produce and sell solar power back to the grid were reached for customers served by National […]

Wind firm to battle proposed Nova Scotia Power tariffs at UARB hearings

The hearings before the Utility and Review Board will consider the tariffs charged by Nova Scotia Power to the independent producers of wind, solar and other renewable energies as part the province’s “renewable to retail” program. A wind energy company executive in Nova Scotia says he’ll push hard at regulatory hearings to ensure a program […]

Decision due over Donald Trump wind farm battle

US presidential candidate Donald Trump is waiting for a Supreme Court ruling after mounting a legal fight against an offshore wind farm project near his Scottish golf resort. Mr Trump, president of the Trump Organisation, says the wind farm will spoil the view from his luxury golf links at the Menie Estate. View full post […]

Fruitful China-Britain energy cooperation sets model for global climate battle

In about 10 years, 6 million British homes will be powered with electricity from Hinkley Point C, the first nuclear power station to be built on British soil in more than two decades. The infrastructure mega-project, in which a Chinese consortium holds a 33.5-percent stake under a deal signed in London at the presence of […]

German Wind-to-Hydrogen Plant Takes Car-Fuel Battle to Tesla

A Linde AG truck carrying hydrogen fuel, and a Daimler AG Mercedes-Benz fuel-cell vehicle stand at a fuel station in Berlin. Source: Linde AG via Bloomberg After decades of research, Linde AG says the elements needed to make hydrogen-fuelled cars a viable challenger to Tesla Inc’s battery-driven vehicles are finally falling into place. View full […]

The switch to renewable power is a battle we cannot afford to lose | Adnan Z. Amin

The Lima climate talks saw a shift towards action with renewable energy taking centre stage, says the head of the International Renewable Energy Agency Since the final gavel fell at the Lima climate talks earlier this month, discussions have centred on one question: what did the talks actually accomplish? After two weeks of intense negotiation, […]