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This Is One of the Best Green Energy Stocks to Buy in 2018

Green energy stocks aren't just shares of environmentally healthy companies, they are potentially some of the most lucrative stocks you can own. The simple fact is the world needs energy, and renewable energy – or ” green energy ” – is essential to meeting global demands. View full post on Wind Power News

‘UK rations healthcare on who needs it, the US does not’: your best comments today

We look at some of the articles provoking reader conversation today, including Donald Trump’s comments on the NHS, the global stock market and wind power Donald Trump’s comments on the state of the UK’s health service, and the UK’s involvement in Europe’s offshore wind power, the global stock market plunge, and whether restaurant tips should […]

‘Drunk tanks only work if everyone is thoroughly checked out’: your best comments today

We’re highlighting interesting conversations on the site – including ‘booze buses’ and the train journey helping millennials search for love Discussion today has focused on alcohol recovery units, plans to build a power hub on an artificial island, and talking openly about sex. To join in you can click on the links in the comments […]

Backstory: Best Election Gaffe

“Matt Dunne Releases Renewable Energy Siting Policy” was the headline on a press release from one of three Democrats seeking their party's nomination for governor. Interesting, I thought. View full post on Wind Power News

England’s green power: East Riding best for wind while Cornwall tops solar

Analysis by Green Alliance has mapped onshore wind turbines and solar panel installations for the first time The East Riding of Yorkshire is England’s top area for producing wind power, a new analysis has found, with Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire not far behind. The national hotspot for solar generation is sunny Cornwall, perhaps unsurprisingly. But though […]

Hillary Clinton is the best choice to attract and grow jobs in Michigan

We had great news on Friday — another 240,000 jobs created. Seventy-two straight months of private sector job growth. View full post on Wind Power News

Viaducts could be the best new place for wind turbines

Solar power has the great benefit of being able to be installed in a wide variety of places, from large solar farms to residential rooftops, from floating on top of reservoirs to highway noise barriers . Wind power, unfortunately, is mostly limited to large swaths of land or offshore. View full post on Wind Power […]

Guy Hands: a Labour/SNP government would be best for renewable energy

Private equity investor concerned about Tory ‘hatred’ of onshore windfarms and that Britain may leave the European Union if there is a Conservative election win One of the UK’s top private equity investors has attacked the Conservative party’s policy on windfarms and said that a Labour-Scottish National party (SNP) majority would be the best election […]

Consumers not getting best value for renewable energy subsidies, say MPs

Public Accounts Committee says contracts for difference for eight projects, worth £16.6bn, are poorly conceived and managed Consumers have been left to pick up the bill for poorly conceived and managed contracts worth £16.6 billion for renewable energy, MPs have warned. Contracts for eight renewable energy projects were awarded early without competition to avoid delays […]

Investing: windfall profits for 2013’s best investment fund

Power-packed returns as wind and solar power nets Guinness Alternative Energy 11% gains Wind farms off Britain’s shores are being cancelled almost weekly. Hard-pressed governments across Europe are slashing subsidies for solar power and other renewable projects. Yet what was the best investment fund to put your money into in 2013? An alternative energy fund […]