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Australia needs Tesla battery to prevent summer blackouts, regulator says

Aemo chief executive calls Elon Musk’s project a ‘very important part of our summer plan’ The head of Australia’s energy market regulator is “concerned” about avoiding blackouts next summer and says the proposed Tesla lithium ion battery in South Australia is a “very important part of our summer plan”. Speaking at an industry event in […]

How Christmas prawns explain Australia’s power blackouts

Just as the Howard government once claimed incorrectly that refugees were throwing their children into the water, the Turnbull government is deliberately misleading the public about the cause of blackouts and energy shortages around the country. Blaming renewable energy for causing the storms and heatwaves that cause blackouts is simply the latest attempt by this […]

Blackouts? What blackouts? How National Grid keeps the lights on

A visit to the chief control centre in Berkshire reveals how solar and wind are keeping blackouts at bay … for now Despite claims that Britain is on the brink of blackouts and amid forecasts of a looming cold snap, all is calm inside the room where a score of engineers and analysts work to […]

Wind is not driving the UK towards power blackouts | Chris Goodall and Mark Lynas

Contrary to what Matt Ridley and the Tory commentariat would have us believe, last week’s grid problems were caused not by a lack of wind but an over-reliance on a small number of fossil fuel suppliers Our green obsession with windmills is bringing Britain’s electricity system to its knees, if Tory press commentators writing about […]

U.K. Wind Energy Cuts Seen Unsettling Efforts to Halt Blackouts

David Cameron’s planned subsidy cuts for U.K. wind power are unsettling the investors the prime minister needs to fund infrastructure of all kinds, the company developing one of the nation’s biggest wind farms said. View full post on Wind Power News

UK power blackouts now unlikely, research shows

New gas-fired plants coming onstream by 2016 expected to make up for closure of coal and nuclear power stations The severe economic slowdown and increased energy efficiency in Britain means widely feared power blackouts between 2015 and 2020 will be avoided, new research predicts. Windfarms, plus a new generation of nuclear and gas-fired plants, will […]