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a Therea s more than oil and gas:a Wind blowing workers in new direction

Nearly two years after being laid off as an electrician in Alberta's flailing oil and gas sector, the 42-year-old is training to become a wind turbine technician. “It is tough to find work right now. View full post on Wind Power News

Good winds blowing from Brazil: Atlantic Renewable Energies is…

CURITIBA, Brazil, Aug. 10, 2017 : With wind projects in four different Brazilian states , Atlantic Renewable Energies stands out among companies in the wind power sector as an enterprise whose foundations are inseparable from the business strategy comprising its sustainable core: environmental concern, corporate governance, health and safety. The company invests on sustainable development, […]

Wind of change is blowing through energy sector in China

Coal mining has become a way of life for Inner Mongolia but a new wave of green energy is about to change that. Bu Xiaolin, chairman of North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, talked with pride about the new wind farms that are dotted around the region as he outlined a vision of a sustainable […]

Blowing hard: The windiest time of year and other fun facts on wind

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Israel’s wind industry is blowing in a positive direction despite the challenges

THE WORLD WIND ENERGY AWARD 2015 is presented to Mali-Folkecenter Nyetaa representative Nopenyo Dabla by WWEA president Peter Rae at the World Wind Energy Conference in Jerusalem yesterday. Also pictured are WWEA vice president and Israel WEA chairman Gadi Hareli and WWEA secret. View full post on Wind Power News

David Cameron’s Conservatism: blowing in the wind | Editorial

The prime minister’s once-determined proclamation of a newly progressive Conservatism is now scarcely audible A tiny change in the North Kensington skyline was perhaps the first sign that the Cameronian overhaul of the Conservative party had run its course. The Tory leader had talked for months about putting a turbine on his roof, but after […]

Google Is Quite Simply Blowing Its Competition Away

With another wind power purchase this week, here’s how this tech giant is blowing away the competition. View full post on Wind Power News

The government is blowing the whole wind energy revolution

The Department of Energy has finally released a report detailing the absolutely massive success that is American wind energy production . View full post on Wind Power News

Wind power is a blowing force in Texas

While shale gas gets the most credit for the state’s cheap, abundant energy, wind power has become a force, too. View full post on Wind Power News

OMG It’s blowing a gale out here.MPG

In a triumph of DIY, Husband’s homemade wind turbine generates approximately half a watt of electricity