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Maine finance overseer objects to ‘giveaway’ tax break for wind farm

The state department that oversees tax collection in Maine has come out against extending a property tax break on the 44-turbine Kibby Mountain wind farm in Franklin County, saying the deal is a giveaway on the backs of residents outside the unorganized territory. David Heidrich, spokesman for Maine's Department of Administrative and Financial Services, on […]

Replacing coal will not break the bank after all

When the Oregon Legislature debated a landmark bill in March to phase out coal power in Oregon and require more renewable energy, Republican lawmakers, business groups and some Public Utility Commission officials predicted it would jack up power costs and harm industry. But those fears appear to be overblown, based on the first round of […]

Koch propagandist attacks wind tax break; is mum on fossil fuel subsidies

Gall? Nerve? Chutzpah? Call it what you like, but Christine Harbin’s two recent anti-wind columns in The Hill are prime examples of Koch-funded dishonesty-and hypocrisy. Harbin works for the Koch brothers-founded and -funded Americans for Prosperity . View full post on Wind Power News

Jefferson County could learn lesson from tax break for Madison Wind Farm

That’s a murky question that will have to be resolved soon for a seven-turbine, 11.5-megawatt wind project in Madison County, which benefited from a 15-year payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement that will end in 2016. A new assessed value for the property owned by Houston-based EDP Renewables North America soon will be set by the town of Madison. […]

Wind power generators get 2014 tax break, but 2015 iffy

So it’s no surprise to me that wind power is big in the Lone Star State. In fact, it took Texas wind energy producers just 11 months to break last year’s record for generation . View full post on Wind Power News

Should Wind Energy’s Production Tax Credit Get A Break?

With a background in economics and public policy, I’ve covered domestic and international energy issues since 1998. My column, which also appears in the CSMonitor, has twice been named Best Online Column by two different media organizations. View full post on Wind Power News

As You Were Saying…Pricey tax break pumps up wind

With Election Day behind us, Congress must now turn its attention to the raft of issues that legislators have ignored over the past year. Chief among them: Whether to revive the Production Tax Credit, a massive, taxpayer-funded handout that in 2012 gouged Massachusetts taxpayers for $90 million. View full post on Wind Power News

NextEra Subsidiary, FPL Sister, Gets Texas-Sized Break

A sister company of Florida Power & Light Co. got a break from the Texas Supreme Court, which instructed a lower court to significantly reduce a $29 million judgment in a lawsuit over renewable energy credits from wind farms. View full post on Wind Power News

Alexander: Stop wasting $60B on wind energy tax break

Sen. Lamar Alexander said Congress should not renew the $60 billion wind energy tax credit. View full post on Wind Power News

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