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Installed wind power capacity in EU breaks record

Brussels, Feb 13 : Wind power capacity in the European Union touched 169 gigawatts in 2017, an increase of 20 per cent compared to the previous year, breaking an earlier record, according to an annual report released on Tuesday. Of the new wind capacity, 12.5 GW was from onshore plants and 3.1 GW from offshore, […]

Sask breaks power record – again

The warm temperatures in Saskatchewan pushed the province's peak power use to a new high yesterday, at 4:26 p.m. At 3,470 megawatts , the new peak beats the previous record of 3,419 set July 27 of this year and the peak of 3,360 MW set July 10. Previously, the summer peak of 3,331 MW set […]

Turbine Breaks World Record for Wind Power Generated in Just One Day

A 722-foot tall, 9-megawatt wind turbine operating at an offshore testing site near sterild, Denmark has set a new world record for wind electricity generation. The V164 turbine, built by Danish energy company MHI Vestas, produced 216,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity in just 24 hours, enough to power 240 U.S. homes for a month . View […]

Bonus for clean energy as wind power breaks record

Wind power has hit a new UK record of generating more than 10,000 megawatts of power, National Grid has said. The milestone was reached in the half-hour ending 2.30pm on Wednesday, with 7,091 megawatts of electricity feeding into the transmission grid, and an estimated 3,013MW generated by wind for local distribution networks. View full post […]

Fort Hood Breaks Ground on Army’s First Wind and Solar Energy Project

It is official. By the end of this year Fort Hood could be tapping into a more reliable, cleaner, and more affordable energy source. View full post on Wind Power News

Wind power could get its tax breaks back

The GOP-controlled Senate Finance Committee did right by the clean energy industry yesterday when, as part of a big package of tax break extensions, it cleared the way for the renewal of a key tax credit that supports wind power. The wind credit was effectively killed last year when an entire $85 billion package of […]

Wind power generation breaks N.S. record, NSP says

For one hour early Wednesday morning, the utility says 50 per cent of the province’s electricity came from wind. The company acknowledges the new record was achieved during a period when demand for electricity is low – between 3 and 4 a.m. – and that there were high winds at the time. View full post […]

Major wind farm breaks ground in Montana

Construction has begun in southern Montana on a 120-turbine wind farm that would be one of the biggest wind power projects in the state. The $550 million Mud Springs Wind Ranch near Bridger in Carbon County is expected to take several years to complete. View full post on Wind Power News

House Passes $42 Billion Plan to Revive Tax Breaks for 2014

The House of Representatives voted to revive dozens of lapsed U.S. tax breaks for this year and set them to expire again on Dec. 31. The 378-46 vote today would provide $42 billion in temporary relief to taxpayers, including companies that rely on the research tax credit and the production tax credit for wind energy. […]

First Wind, Now Gas: Tax Breaks Face Scrutiny

After calling for an end to subsidies for wind energy production, the Texas comptroller will soon release a report that could rekindle debate surrounding Texas’ largest incentive for natural gas producers. Susan Combs , the state comptroller, stirred controversy last month when she said Texas’ growing wind energy industry should “stand on its own two […]