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Nundle wind farm would bring more than 300 jobs to region

PICTURESQUE: The main concern about the proposal is about the visual impact it will have on Nundle's hills of gold. Photo: Megan Trousdale THE proposed $600-million wind farm near Nundle would bring more than 300 jobs to the region, the project's developer says. View full post on Wind Power News

Claremore Company Helps Bring Wind Power to Tennessee

A decision could come any day now on whether to approve a 700-mile long power line project that would bring Oklahoma’s wind energy to the Tennessee Valley. The Pelco company president said his workforce would almost double as they ramp up production to build more than 3,500 poles to carry the power. View full post […]

Google expected to bring up to 150 jobs to Alameda

Up to 150 jobs are expected to be created as Google expands at the former Alameda Naval Air Station, according to city officials. The technology giant, which has been at the former military base since it acquired Makani Power in 2013, secured unanimous approval from the City Council on Tuesday to lease the 65,400-square-foot building […]

NEC Energy Solutions Partners With Eos Energy Storage To Bring…

NEC ES will collaborate with Eos to provide a complete GSSa , which includes DC battery systems, power conversion systems, controls hardware, the NEC ES AEROSA controls software suite as well as service and maintenance packages. With a strong reputation for safety, reliability and speed of installation, the GSSa is one of the most widely […]

‘Chinook’ Monitoring May Bring Early Warning System For Reduced Wind Energy

Existing popular alternative energy schemes have an ironic flaw – they make fossil fuels more profitable because they are not predictably consistent, which means expensive contracts for “instant on” traditional providers to prevent blackouts. The big obstacle in implementing wind energy on a massive scale is the unpredictability of its driving force. View full post […]

Department of Energy: Taller turbines would bring wind energy to Florida

The U.S. Department of Energy reported that Florida could exploit wind energy by installing super-tall wind machines called turbines. So far, wind energy is mostly unknown in Florida. View full post on Wind Power News

North Sea ‘may bring wind power boon’

The East of England could become a hub for trade in renewable energy with Scandinavia if the proper regulation is put in place, says an industry group. RenewableUK said it hoped a House of Lords report on the North Sea would help move forwards a framework to allow the import and export of wind energy. […]

Fight to bring wind energy project off coast of Atlantic City must continue: Letter

It defied logic that the state Board of Public Utilities would fail to support the proposed wind energy project off the coast of Atlantic City. The project has the opportunity to bring jobs to Atlantic City and the region at a time when Atlantic City is in dire straights. View full post on Wind Power […]

Ahoy, offshore wind: Advanced buoys bring vital data to untapped energy resource

Two large buoys that are decked out with advanced scientific instruments will help more accurately predict offshore wind’s power-producing potential. Research on the High Seas: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory staff conduct tests in Sequim Bay, Washington, while aboard one of two new research buoys being commissioned to more accurately predict offshore wind’s power-producing potential. View […]

Wind Power Project Could Bring $259 Million Investment to Shelby County

Plains and Eastern Clean Line want to invest $259 million in an area around Millington for a hub that would bring wind energy from Oklahoma to Tennessee. View full post on Wind Power News