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Don’t let TSB’s woes convince you Britain is a nation of tech dunces

Despite high-profile incidents like the one that has hit the UK bank, the UK’s record on bungling IT projects is hardly different to other leading nations It was all so different for Paul Pester last December. Unveiling TSB’s new banking platform, he claimed that it had created “a more digital, agile and flexible TSB”. Before […]

Let’s keep the wind in our sails and continue to make Britain a world leader in wind energy

Whilst the Labour conference was busy debating whether to copy Venezuela or Cuba's economic model, you may not have noticed a great news story this week. Wind power is now cheaper than nuclear. View full post on Wind Power News

Theresa May Seeks Clean Energy to Buoy Vision of Global Britain

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May plans to try to turn the nation's early adoption of clean energy into a global business after Brexit, according to a new industrial-strategy paper. A goal of the new government is to “capitalize on strengths to win a substantial share of global markets,” according to the document published Monday, which […]

China Wastes Enough Wind Energy To Power Great Britain

Wind turbines used to generate electricity are seen at a wind farm in Guazhou, 950km northwest of Lanzhou, Gansu Province September 15, 2013. China is pumping investment into wind power, which is more cost-competitive than solar energy and partly able to compete with coal and gas. View full post on Wind Power News

Wind from Britain, solar from the Sahara, geothermal from Iceland

The UK’s electricity grid is having to work harder than ever to ensure that there is enough power to go around this winter as old power stations close down or need repairing, with little spare generating capacity to make up any shortfalls. That places a bigger burden on renewables – wind power could make a […]

Britain loses top energy rating after green policy U-turns

UK downgraded from AAA to AAB in World Energy Council’s ‘trilemma index’, after Conservatives scrapped onshore wind subsidies and cut solar subsidies Britain has lost its top-notch energy policy rating from the UN-accredited World Energy Council after the government prematurely cut some renewable energy subsidies, creating uncertainty about how it will address support in future. […]

The farce of the Hinkley C nuclear reactor will haunt Britain for decades | George Monbiot

We need nuclear power. But the government has plumped for outdated technology at the worst price imaginable Seven years ago, I collected all the available cost estimates for nuclear power. The US Nuclear Energy Institute suggested a penny an hour. The Royal Academy of Engineering confidently predicted 2.3p. The British government announced that in 2020 […]

China’s need for nuclear power leads Britain to revive outdated technology

Critics say the new plant in Somerset will be heavily subsidised and cushioned from financial reality The signing of a nuclear deal between EDF and the government is a landmark event for power generation. Today’s go-ahead for the Hinkley Point C plant shows ministers are prepared to commit Britain to provide decades of guaranteed financial […]

UPDATE 2-Roads, rail top targets as Britain seeks economy boost through infrastructure

Britain’s government promised on Thursday to upgrade roads and carry out what it said was the biggest rail investment in more than 100 years in a strategy to get the economy growing while keeping spending tight. View full post on Wind Power News

Britain rolls out offshore wind power investment stimulation plan

Britain this week announced the start of an offshore wind investment plan at a time when some are questioning its commitment to developing the industry. View full post on Wind Power News