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Architect builds giant wind-turbine-temple for Shaolin monks

The first Shaolin temple was built as far back as 495 AD, but that doesn't mean the architecture these fighting monks use is stuck in the past. Quite the contrary. View full post on Wind Power News

Chinese renewable power giant builds global empire

In this Nov. 7, 2008 photo, people stand near electric pylons watching flow of water is discharged through the Three Gorges Dam in Yichang in central China's Hubei province. Three Gorges Group is spending heavily to buy or build hydro, wind and solar projects at a time when Western utility investors are pulling back and […]

Amazon Builds Giant Wind Farm In Texas

It's the online retailer's biggest renewable energy project yet, and the turbines it contains are pretty sizable too – in fact, each turbine's rotor diameter is twice as long as a Boeing 747's wingspan. When it opens, the 253-megawatt wind farm in Scurry County, Texas, is expected to generate 1,000,000 megawatt hours of wind energy […]

300-Foot Monster Machine Builds Bridges

Is bigger better? When it comes to machines, vehicles, robots and Ferris wheels, the answer is almost always, yes. But take a look at these enormous contraptions and decide for yourself. View full post on Wind Power News

RWE builds two wind power plants in Poland

Construction works of two additional RWE wind power facilities in Poland has been successfully finished. Beginning of this month, RWE commissioned the Opalenica wind farm in the region of Poznan with seven turbines and a total capacity of 17 MW. View full post on Wind Power News

Wind energy: Beaverton startup builds kites to replace turbines on farms

A Beaverton startup is hoping to replace farm-based wind turbines with smaller, quieter kites to generate enough electricity to run everything on the farm from irrigation pumps to kitchen lights. eWind Solutions CEO and founder David Schaefer sees the kites at farms across the United States. View full post on Wind Power News

21-06-2013 15:44Wind Farms of Ukraine builds first phase of Krasnodon wind power plant

The First Channel includes information and news narrating events in Ukraine and abroad; cycle programmes on political and social-economic subjects; literary and musical programmes, programmes for children and youth Information-musical youth channel deals with the most urgent problems of young people in Ukraine, in particular it helps to get … (more) View full post on […]

Wind tax credit builds industry, jobs, economy in Oregon

By Bill Bradbury An Oregonian editorial recently asked: Why not let the wind tax credit expire? The answer: Letting the wind energy production tax credit die will hurt our economy, environment, energy needs and security at the local, state and national levels. View full post on Wind Power News

Holland’s Energetx builds 150-foot wind turbine blades

The Holland-based manufacturer has begun building the 150-foot-long blades under its first major contract with a turbine supplier for wind energy projects. View full post on Wind Power News

China builds windfarms in renewable energy boom – video

Jonathan Watts reports from the Chinese desert province of Gansu, the frontline of China’s efforts to invest in renewable energy Jonathan Watts Ken Macfarlane View full post on Environment: Wind power |