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Ben & Jerry’s joins the campaign to support onshore windfarms

With names like Strawberry Breezecake and Cherry Gale-cia, ice-cream maker pushes for government re-think Tubs of Strawberry Breeze-cake, Cherry Gale-cia and other wind-themed ice-creams will feature in a campaign by Ben & Jerry’s to persuade the government to rethink its opposition to onshore windfarms. The renamed flavours will be sold at half price on “windy […]

Mars uses M&M’s to promote ‘Fans of Wind Energy’ campaign

Red and yellow M&M's characters are fronting a campaign by Mars' called 'Fans of Wind Energy', to tackle climate change. The campaign, which is part of Mars' Sustainable in a Generation Plan, includes a $1bn investment over the next few years to focus on issues including poverty in the supply chain, scarcity of resources and […]

OPWP floats tender for wind resource assessment campaign

Muscat: A wind resource assessment campaign will be conducted by Oman Power and Water Procurement Company . For conducting the campaign, OPWP has floated a tender seeking proposals from bidders to carry out the campaign. View full post on Wind Power News

Donald Trump takes campaign against windfarms to UK supreme court

Republican presidential contender and golf course owner says planned turbines would be ‘monstrous’ blight on Aberdeenshire coastline Donald Trump, the US presidential contender who has electrified the republican right, will bring his campaign against windfarms to the UK’s supreme court on Thursday. Despite losing at every stage in the Scottish courts, the billionaire property developer […]

The Hillary Clinton campaign goes solar

With polling that suggests two-thirds of voters want the next president to address climate change, Hillary Clinton has laid out an ambitious renewable energy plan while campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire. The present front-runner for the democratic nomination declared she would take action on day one of her presidential term. View full post on […]

The £120bn industry largely ignored by the UK election campaign

Nearly a million people are employed in the green business sector in the UK, but few would realise it from the debates so far in the 2015 general election Workers in green jobs have played little role in the bitterly fought general election campaign, though they have much stake in it. Nearly a million people […]

Democratize’ Just the Latest Phony Campaign to Sell Renewables

The survival of wind and solar energy, like electric vehicles , is wholly dependent on coerced wealth transfers by government from the private sector to the renewable industry . View full post on Wind Power News

The right’s anti-wind campaign is pure scaremongering | John Quiggin

Climate change is a debacle for the Australian right. Their tribal hatred of environmentalists has driven them to denounce any technology favoured by their enemies Tony Abbott’s quip that emissions trading schemes represent ” a so-called market in invisible stuff ” has been rightly derided as a dog-whistle to climate denialists , unsuccessful only … […]

Deafening Silence, a pro-wind advertising campaign – video

A pro-wind energy advert paid for by aimed at promoting wind energy and combating the ‘myths dictating our future’ View full post on Environment: Wind power |

Turbine company and green groups to fight anti-windfarm campaign

Anxious supporters of renewable energy allege underhand tactics are taking the wind out of their sails The world’s biggest wind turbine manufacturer is joining forces with environmental groups in a global campaign to rouse the “silent majority” of people who support renewable energy to fight back against what it claims is “misinformation” spread by some […]