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Smart charging won’t help adoption of electric cars, says SFU study

Tesla is no longer the only company making awe-inspiring electric cars. Iconic vehicles like the MINI, BMW Roadster, and the Volkswagen bus have now been reimagined with electric engines, and big-name manufacturers are pumping billions into developing the most efficient technology. View full post on Wind Power News

The Morning After: Water purification could lead to more electric cars

Welcome back! We hope you had a great weekend. We've been playing with some cool dinosaur toys , hearing about Tesla's next power grid experiment, and the end of free Wikipedia data for developing countries. View full post on Wind Power News

Electric cars are pollution shifters: we will need huge investment in generation capacity | Letters

Household vehicle charging will be the equivalent of running an electric shower for hours on end, argues Colin Read There seems to be little understanding of the simple fact that electric vehicles (EV) are, in the main, pollution shifters – from tailpipe to power generation facility (Ban from 2040 on diesel and petrol car sales, […]

Silverton windfarm’s output will be equal to taking 192,000 cars off the road

Once it’s completed in 2018, the NSW site will produce enough electricity to power 137,000 houses After years in planning, construction on the Silverton windfarm in western New South Wales is finally set to begin after the sale of the project from AGL to its Powering Australian Renewables Fund (PARF). The deal will see AGL […]

Carbon Reductions From Wind Energy In 2013 Were Equivalent To Taking 20 Million Cars Off The Road

Wind energy reduced power sector emissions by more than 5 percent last year, saving the same amount of CO2 as taking 20 million cars off the road, according to a new report. View full post on Wind Power News

Green Cars Get Green Manufacturing Says Nissan

Nissan has established itself as the global leader in zero emission vehicles with more than 75,000 Nissan LEAF electric cars on the road today. View full post on Wind Power News

Wind Power for Cars; the Disempowerment of Drivers with Blinding Lights

Hi Matt: Recently I was gobsmacked by two ideas so obvious that they must be wrong…I mean, since nobody’s using them. View full post on Wind Power News

GE ‘Skypump’ Charges Electric Cars With Wind Power

Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield is a self-confessed petrol head. She grew up in a carless family but was able at a very early age to name cars passing her on… More Almost a year later, the two firms have just announced the official unveiling of the first Sanya Skypump to be installed in the world.A Located in […]

Soleto wind turbine with car’s alternator

Soleto,maggio 2008,nasce la prima turbina eolica, é un prototipo che consente di ottenere 55 Ah dell’alternatore (di auto),la pala è stata sovradimensionata per ovviare l’inconveniente dell’alto numero di giri di cui l’alternatore necessita. Durante i test veniva tenuta contro vento,per tenere sotto controllo gli alti rpm.Totalmente relaizzata con materiali di recupero,e con una spesa complessiva […]