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Renewables grow to 17% of electricity mix as sector calls for certainty

Clean Energy Council report says while Australia is on track to deliver the 2020 renewable energy target, ‘clear policy direction and support is required beyond 2020’ Renewable energy comprised 17% of Australia’s electricity generation in 2016, up from 14% the year before, but the industry is warning it needs policy certainty and support beyond 2020 […]

Sudden power price rises show need for climate policy certainty – report

In the wake of South Australian price rise, the Grattan Institute calls on governments to explain that the transition to renewables is coming, with costs attached Huge spikes in wholesale electricity prices in South Australia in July show stable, nationally consistent climate policy must urgently replace “unmanageable uncertainty” for energy market investors, according to a […]

Wind power producers ask regulators for rate certainty

The Alaska Environmental Power wind farm near Delta Junction is seen in this 2010 photo. View full post on Wind Power News

Is a Green North Africa a Certainty?

Having spent the last few weeks talking to stakeholders in the effort to turn North Africa into a limitless source of renewable energy, I’ve found the most common question is not ‘If’ but ‘When’. It’s inevitable, one renewable engineer told me from Cairo. View full post on Wind Power News