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Get a sneak peek at a plan to use wind power to charge phones, irrigate farms in Eastern Market

Next week, one of Detroit's most unusual artists, technicians, and designers will host a fundraiser for a green energy project that will power everything from urban agriculture to laptops and cellphones. Guests will get a rare peek inside a one-of-a-kind Detroit space and to meet a unique visionary. View full post on Wind Power News

Chinese researchers develop solar cell that can charge in rain

We are always in the search alternative sources of energy, mostly from renewable resources. In practice, that usually translates to solar and wind power, mostly the former. View full post on Wind Power News

Wind leads the renewable energy charge

Renewable power is proving a success, with wind energy surpassing the 1GW milestone in SA. Costs are falling and it is quicker to construct and safer. View full post on Wind Power News

Liquid battery, the size of a truck, will give utilities a charge

Here’s the problem: Solar and wind power come in gushes followed by droughts, and big utilities need a way to keep the power grid stable through those fluctuations. View full post on Wind Power News

Oklahoma To Charge Homeowners Who Install Solar Panels

If you live in Oklahoma and you put solar panels on your house, you’re going to have to pay a surcharge to your electric company thanks to a new law signed by Governor Mary Fallin last week: Oklahoma residents who produce their own energy through solar panels or small wind turbines on their property will […]

Missouri Wind and Solar Charge Controller. Information for the Do it yourselfer. DIY FYI

This is the opinion by an electrical Control Engineer It appears the controller is over rated by Missouri Wind and Solar . After watching this, I have to agr…

DIY Wind Turbine – Charge Controller

This step would have been to build a microcontroller -based Charge Controller for my battery bank using a LM3S811 evaluation board that I already have. Inste…

Vt. dismisses trespass charge in Lowell wind case

Vermont prosecutors have dismissed a trespass charge against a journalist who was arrested while covering a protest against construction of a wind power facility on Lowell Mountain. View full post on Wind Power News

Get a free Battery Bank with this Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charge Controllers – Home Solar Charge Controller – Solar Find out more about Solar Charge Controllers .. … free renewable energy generated by solar panels or solar systems … However, the best performing and most efficient solar charge controllers use the … Get a free Battery Bank with this Solar Charge Controller

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Un nou regulator de incarcare si curentul de la eoliana