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City Utilities of Springfield adds 100 MW of wind power

Missouri-based City Utilities of Springfield has stepped up its commitment to renewables by securing an additional 100 MW of wind energy from a 300-MW project currently under construction near Salina, Kansas. CU noted in a March 6 news release that it is one of three entities acquiring power and renewable energy credits of the wind […]

City angles for money from Saint John Energy projects

The City of Saint John has set up its own company, hoping to cash in on energy projects – despite a provincial ban against municipal adventures in commerce. The city set up the numbered company last year as a potential home for energy projects to be operated by Saint John Energy, the city-owned utility. View […]

This is what America’s eco city of the future looks like

Georgetown mayor Dale Ross is ‘a good little Republican’ – but ever since his city weaned itself off fossil fuels, he has become a hero to environmentalists When the caller said he worked for Harry Reid and the former Senate majority leader wanted a word, Dale Ross assumed it was a joke. “OK, which of […]

City files suit to buy power directly

A court battle is looming between the City of Cape Town, the Department of Energy and the National Energy Regulator of South Africa after the City filed court papers demanding the right to purchase electricity from independent power producers. The City filed court papers challenging Eskom's exclusive right to procure electricity from independent power producers […]

Ocean City Gets another Wind Farm Proposal

It is likely in the next ten years there will be a wind energy farm off the coast of the Eastern Shore. But where it goes and how it will affect the area is still up in the air. View full post on Wind Power News

City of Charlottesville Passes Resolution Asking Congress to Fund…

Charlottesville, Va., City Council Monday evening, March 20, 2017, passed a resolution opposing President Donald Trump's budget proposal, which shifts funding to the military from many other programs. The draft resolution brought up for consideration reads as follows. View full post on Wind Power News

Missouri City Goes 100% Wind Power

The Energy Blog is where all topics relating to The Energy Revolution are presented. Increasingly, expensive oil, coal and global warming are causing an energy revolution by requiring fossil fuels to be supplemented by alternative energy sources and by requiring changes in lifestyle. View full post on Wind Power News

City of Bethel bets on wind energy to cut diesel costs

Energy officials hope two newly constructed towers in Bethel will pave the way to reducing the city’s multimillion gallon dependence on diesel fuel. The Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, or AVEC, raised the towers to collect atmospheric data for future wind turbines. View full post on Wind Power News

Where is the world’s windiest city? Spoiler alert: it’s not Chicago

The wind speed in this breeziest of cities once hit 154mph just a few miles from the centre, but it’s not as bad as it sounds – 62 turbines generate the city’s electricity, while air pollution is non-existent as any fumes are whipped away On the harbour front in Wellington stands the figure of a […]

P2-B solar plant to rise in Silay City next year

A P2-BILLION worth 25-megawatt solar power plant of Citicore Power Inc. will rise on a 40-hectare land in Barangay Rizal, Silay City, next year. Citicore Power will collaborate with German-based solar Conenergy for the operation and maintenance of the plant, while its sister company, Megawide Construction Corp., will handle construction works on the ground. View […]