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Don Cuddy: Offshore wind is coming, whether it’s cheap or not

As the North American manager of Bay State Wind, one of three developers bidding to install wind turbines in federal waters south of Martha's Vineyard, Denmark's Thomas Brostrom is the man to tell us how he sees it as the Dec.20 deadline for submission approaches. “It's different here than in Europe,” he told me. View […]

Nation’s largest offshore wind farm coming to New York

While the U.S. lags behind other developed countries when it comes to wind power, it's making strides to catch up. Last week, the Long Island Power Authority gave the green light to building New York's first commercial offshore wind farm. View full post on Wind Power News

Wind power coming to Baddeck

The company says all energy generated by the Baddeck turbine will be consumed locally, as it will be connected directly to the local grid. Scotian Wind chief operating officer Dan Roscoe says the single turbine will generate 1.7 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 665 homes and businesses. View full post on Wind Power News

Offshore Wind Turbines Coming to California

Despite offshore wind farms around the world serving as Osterizers for seabirds and sonar jamming devices for marine mammals, an out-of-state company with no experience is proposing to install 100 floating turbines, each up to 636 feet tall, offshore from the Hearst Castle in California. There are currently some 160 offshore wind farms either in […]

Offshore wind power is finally coming to the U.S.

Clean energy advocates aren’t usually excited by the sight of energy infrastructure off their coastlines, but the barges floating beyond Block Island, R.I., are different. The envoy of crane ships and flatboats are preparing the site of a new offshore wind farm, set to launch after the turbines are installed next summer. View full post […]

Offshore wind coming to our coast?

Could wind energy be in our near future? It is possible. As the possibility of offshore wind energy comes closer to reality, some folks have a lot of questions. View full post on Wind Power News

More wind power coming to Polish grid

German energy company RWE said Monday the Polish renewable energy sector is a core market, with 73 megawatts of new wind power expected on the grid this year. The German company said construction work started Monday for the 14 wind tower systems of an installation called Nowy Staw near the Polish city of Gdansk. View […]

Navitus Bay: Wind farm won’t stop visitors from coming to Bournemouth

Mike Unsworth, Navitus Bay Project Director, said: “While we welcome Bournemouth Council considering and taking a view on the proposed Navitus Bay Wind Park development, some of its concerns are unfounded or misplaced. “We simply do not recognise their figure that the wind park will cost the local tourism industry A 100 million per year. […]

New Wind Farm Coming to Paulding County

A new wind farm is coming to Paulding County. The Ohio Power Sitting Board approved construction of a new wind farm in the county. View full post on Wind Power News

More Renewable Power Coming Thanks to State Initiatives

ON THE RISE: Renewable energy accounted for a record 49 percent of added capacity in 2012, and deployment is expected to continue to rise as costs continue to fall. View full post on Wind Power News