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Koch picked for interim energy study committee

State Sen. Eric Koch, R-Bedford, who represents a portion of Bartholomew County, has been named to the Interim Study Committee on Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications that will meet during the summer and fall in preparation for the 2018 Indiana General Assembly. Construction of wind-power devices, including related health effects, public safety implications, issues of property […]

Massachusetts Energy Bill Emerges from Senate Committee on Ways and Means

Last Friday, the Senate Committee on Ways and Means released its version of the energy bill that passed the House earlier this month. Whereas the House bill would require distribution companies to procure 1,200 MW of offshore wind power by 2027 and 9,450,000 MWH of hydroelectric power by 2022, the Senate's version would require 2,000 […]

Investigation into wind farm leak evaporates into thin air, along with Senate committee

The Prime Minister has slammed wind farms and said if the Howard government had its time again it would never have introduced the clean energy policy. The Senate committee that examined the health effects of wind farms has dissolved without a trace – and so too has an investigation into who leaked its draft findings. […]

Planning committee unaminously rejects offshore wind farm plans

The committee met today to discuss a report on the Navitus Bay application in order to help the council prepare a response that will go to the Planning Inspectorate. View full post on Wind Power News

Kansas committee votes against renewable standards

A Kansas Senate committee has voted to repeal the state’s renewable energy standards, which require major utilities to have some energy capacity from a renewable resource. View full post on Wind Power News

Bulgarian budget committee proposes new green energy fee

Bulgaria’s budget commission has proposed imposing a 20 percent fee on revenue from wind and solar power installations next year to help it finance incentives for the sector while trying to keep electricity costs down. View full post on Wind Power News

U.S. House committee chairman in Lubbock for Tech game, praises wind research

U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith, R-San Antonio, is in Lubbock to watch the action between Oklahoma State and the Texas Tech Red Raiders today, Nov. 2. However, his visit to the Hub City isn’t completely social. View full post on Wind Power News

August 8 News: Senate Committee Votes To Renew Wind Tax Credit Through 2013

The Senate Finance Committee voted to renew a tax credit for wind power that is set to expire at the end of this year, with several Republicans joining Democrats to support extending the credit for one more year at a cost of $3.3 billion. View full post on Wind Power News