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Constitutional revision to help build beautiful China

Building a beautiful China and an ecological civilization has been written into the country's Constitution to reconcile economic development and ecological protection, fill the gaps in terms of environmental governance and comply with people's aspirations and wishes. The move was in response to serious air, water and air pollution that affected China because of rapid […]

Constitutional law scholar Laurence Tribe takes on Cape Wind

Constitutional law scholar Laurence Tribe has taken on Cape Wind and is providing legal expertise to the project’s opponents. After losing in U.S. district court in May, opponents of the Cape Wind energy project in Nantucket have taken their case to the U.S. District Court of Appeal and added a new voice to their legal […]

Cameron berates Clegg over constitutional reform

Lib Dems also vent anger at plans to halt growth of wind farms as Tory minister promises to protect ‘green and pleasant land’ The coalition has been cast into further disarray after David Cameron confronted Nick Clegg over constitutional reforms, and the Liberal Democrats hit out at Tory plans to slow the introduction of new […]