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SaskPower carbon capture project uneconomical from the start, critics say

SaskPower's president has said it is 'highly unlikely' his company will recommend pursuing further carbon capture and storage projects in the foreseeable future because they are too expensive. Following SaskPower's announcement it is unlikely to recommend government pursue more carbon capture and storage projects because of the high cost, critics are saying pursuing carbon capture […]

Turbine critics weigh in on proposed rules for future wind power development

As the state considers a new set of regulations for future wind power projects, Mainers worried about how turbines might affect their scenery and property values have more opportunity to air concerns and offer potential solutions. Janet Chasse of Greenville is concerned that potential turbines in the Moosehead Lake region would hurt the views that […]

Critics blast new process to select sites for renewable energy projects

A new process to select sites for renewable energy projects was “open, fair and transparent,” says an evaluator hired to ensure selectors followed all the rules. But critics are furious the same rules let wind firms with low bids trump municipal objections and the “transparent” process doesn’t yet let them know why. View full post […]

Critics alarmed by scale of proposed wind power projects

Maine figures into competition to provide clean energy to Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, with companies submitting bids to build wind farms in Aroostook County and the western mountains. But Patrick Woodcock , the governor’s energy director, is tamping down impressions that all of the projects would be built. View full post on Wind Power […]

Critics slam Windham County wind plan

GRAFTON >> Two weeks after a developer came to town to disclose details of what would be Vermont’s largest wind-turbine site, the project’s opponents presented an impassioned case against building any wind farms in Stiles Brook Forest. The tone of the two gatherings could not have been more different: While developer Iberdrola Renewables on Oct. […]

Critics try to burn down proposed ethanol, renewable energy tax

A firestorm of opposition swept through the Capitol on Wednesday when a House committee entertained the idea of imposing a $45 million tax on ethanol production and electricity generated from renewable sources. Managers of several Kansas plants that convert corn and sorghum into ethanol declared adoption by lawmakers of a 4.33 percent excise tax on […]

Exelon to merger critics: We’re going to lower your rates

Chesapeake Climate Action Network Director Mike Tidwell speaks against the merger between Exelon Corp. and Pepco Holdings, Inc. at Federal Hill Park on Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014. Exelon Corp. has responded to opponents of its plan to buy Pepco Holdings Inc., saying their claims are inconsistent with the company’s track record and ignore the commitments […]

‘Too big, too close and in the wrong location’, critics tell Navitus Bay wind farm meeting

There were speakers for and against the project, but the majority of the 630-strong audience supported the view that it was ‘too big, too close and in the wrong location’. View full post on Wind Power News

National Grid report challenges wind energy critics

Squirreled away beneath a recent Telegraph report on the subtleties of badger-culling in the UK was this intriguing morsel of wind energy news, which would seem to challenge the idea that intermittent energy sources such as wind play havoc with grid management. View full post on Wind Power News

Wind Critics Gather For Talk

A wind Farm in Groton, NH was finished in December, and is coming online now. Two more are in the works for the region. View full post on Wind Power News