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Nuclear power plants may not keep Britain’s lights on, say Lib Dems

Party raises concerns over nuclear costs as Vince Cable says record low wind power prices should lead to ‘radical reappraisal’ New nuclear power stations may not be the best option for keeping Britain’s lights on and meeting the country’s carbon targets, the Liberal Democrats have said. The party said there were legitimate concerns over nuclear’s […]

N.J. Dems pressing Christie to act on offshore wind farms as federal auction nears

The U.S. government will auction off lease rights to 344,000 acres off the New Jersey coast for wind farms such as this. Democrats from New Jersey’s congressional delegation are prodding the Christie administration to finalize a key funding mechanism for offshore wind energy projects in light of an impending federal auction to sell lease rights […]

Lib Dems dismiss Tory threat to cut renewable energy subsidies

Senior Lib Dem says cut is not legally possible because contracts with energy companies are already in place The Liberal Democrats have dismissed a Conservative threat to cut renewable energy subsidies in order to reduce consumer bills as a “total red herring” while energy companies have warned that a political row over green policies will […]

Lib Dems and Tories trade blows over windfarms

For someone who had allegedly been given a serious bollocking by the boss, John Hayes looked remarkably pleased with himself The government’s perma-shambles continues. Almost everything goes wrong. A new chief whip was greeted on Wednesday night with a crushing defeat after 53 Tories voted with Labour over Europe, ignoring their prime minister. And the […]

Victory for Lib Dems over onshore wind subsidies row

The confrontation between Ed Davey and George Osborne threatened to derail the coalition’s environmental agenda A bitter row between the Treasury and the energy department over subsidies for wind energy has ended in a victory for the Lib Dem energy secretary, Ed Davey. The row centred on the level of support channelled to companies providing […]