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Consortium to develop floating offshore wind farm in California

The Redwood Coast Energy Authority announced April 3 it has selected a consortium of companies comprised of Principle Power Inc. , EDPR Offshore North America LLC , Aker Solutions Inc. , H.T. Harvey & Associates and Herrera Environmental Consultants Inc. to enter into a public-private partnership to pursue the development of an offshore wind energy […]

LETTER: State must do much more to develop wind power

It has been said many times that Massachusetts could be “the Saudi Arabia of wind.” The new report from Environment Massachusetts reiterates the same idea. We keep hearing about this great potential for the state to be at the forefront of the offshore wind industry revolution in the United States, but progress so far has […]

GE to develop largest, most powerful wind turbine

GE Renewable Energy unveiled March 1 its plan to develop the largest, most powerful offshore wind turbine: the Haliade-X. Featuring a 12 MW direct drive generator and an industry leading gross capacity factor of 63%1 the Haliade-X will produce 45% more energy than any other offshore turbine available today2. View full post on Wind Power […]

‘Essentially against the law’ to develop wind energy in N.L., says researcher

Nick Mercer says politics, misinformation and technical and economic constraints are standing in the way of further wind energy development in Newfoundland and Labrador. A researcher from Newfoundland and Labrador studying renewable energy says the province has the greatest potential for wind energy development in North America, yet it fails to do so. View full […]

Centre keen to develop Arunachal Pradesh, says power minister Thongdok

New Delhi, June 26 : Asserting that the Centre is concerned about development in the northeastern states, Arunachal Pradesh Power Minister Tenzing Norbu Thongdok said that Union Minister of State for Power Piyush Goyal has given assurance to develop hydropower, solar and thermal projects in his state. “The central government is very positive. View full […]

Chinese researchers develop solar cell that can charge in rain

We are always in the search alternative sources of energy, mostly from renewable resources. In practice, that usually translates to solar and wind power, mostly the former. View full post on Wind Power News

How to develop wind power offshore in Oregon

The Oregon Department of Energy will host a webinar on the basics of offshore wind power on Jan. 22. Bruce Hamilton will present information on the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2014 Offshore Wind Market and Economic Analysis Report, and Chris Elkington will provide an overview of offshore wind technologies, including turbines, anchoring, mooring and power […]

Team Uses Forest Waste to Develop Cheaper, Greener Supercapacitors

The report appears in the journal Electrochimica Acta. “Supercapacitors are power devices very similar to our batteries,” said study leader Junhua Jiang, a senior research engineer at the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center at the University of Illinois. View full post on Wind Power News