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The Observer view on Scotland’s windfarm dilemma | Observer editorial

The government must find a way to proceed with green energy projects while maintaining responsibility for its environment For anyone who has concerns about our environment and about humanity’s future in a rapidly heating world, the proposed construction of massive offshore windfarms in Scotland’s Firths of Forth and Tay poses a dilemma of some magnitude. […]

Britain’s energy dilemma: if not nuclear power, then what?

The delay to the construction of the controversial Hinkley point plant raises a question: what else can provide baseload power without polluting? Britain faces a problem in coping with its complex energy demands. It needs to provide extra energy to meet rising demands for power in coming decades but at a reasonable cost – while […]

Labor’s leadership dilemma as Turnbull’s star burns bright | Lenore Taylor

Turnbull’s extended political honeymoon, Bill Shorten’s poor standing in the polls and Labor’s inability to easily change leaders means the PM can afford to take his time on the difficult decisions Labor’s getting pretty pouty about Malcolm Turnbull’s protracted honeymoon. One senior figure reckons the press gallery thinks the new prime minister “farts rainbows”. Without […]