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Drop in wind energy costs adds pressure for government rethink

Tories urged to look at onshore windfarms which can be built as cheaply as gas plants and deliver the same power for half the cost of Hinkley Point, says Arup Onshore windfarms could be built in the UK for the same cost as new gas power stations and would be nearly half as expensive as […]

‘Spectacular’ drop in renewable energy costs leads to record global boost

Falling solar and wind prices have led to new power deals across the world despite investment in renewables falling Renewable energy capacity around the world was boosted by a record amount in 2016 and delivered at a markedly lower cost, according to new global data – although the total financial investment in renewables actually fell. […]

Wind power blows through nuclear, coal as costs drop at sea

A fishing vessel travels in Block Island Sound, with one of the five, 6-megawatt wind turbine generators, comprising the first offshore wind farm in the United States, in the background. Water tends to corrode and short out circuits. View full post on Wind Power News

Offshore wind powers ahead as prices drop 30% below nuclear

The cost of offshore wind power in the North Sea is 30% lower than that of new nuclear, writes Kieran Cooke – helped along by low oil and steel prices, reduced maintenance and mass production. By 2030 the sector is expected to supply 7% of Europe's electricity. View full post on Wind Power News

Solar and Wind Energy Costs Could Drop By 59 Percent By 2025

The average cost of electricity from wind and solar energy could drop by 26 to 59 percent, according to a new report released by the International Renewable Energy Agency . The report, entitled The Power to Change: Solar and Wind Cost Reduction Potential to 2025, finds policy framework and the regulatory environment to be key […]

Liberal MP lobbies Coalition to drop push to ban wind and solar investment

Victorian MP Sarah Henderson asks the government to include in its draft mandate investment in emerging technologies such as wind and solar A Liberal backbencher is lobbying the government to stop its push to, in effect, ban the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) from investing in wind and small-scale solar energy. The Victorian Liberal MP, […]

AMSC plummets on Q1 revenue drop, increased net loss

Shares of AMSC sank 13 percent Tuesday after the Devens-based company reported that its revenue for the first quarter of fiscal 2014 was down about 50 percent from the same period a year ago. View full post on Wind Power News

Drop the eco-pessimism – you can make a greener world

After six years cleaning up England’s environment, the Environment Agency’s outgoing chair is in no mood for surrender TOO often, we portray climate change and its consequences as a nightmare. View full post on Wind Power News

Vermont judge won’t drop charges against Lowell Mountain wind foes

A Vermont judge has rejected arguments of a lawyer for protesters arrested at the Lowell Mountain wind power project and will let unlawful trespass charges against the project foes stand. View full post on Wind Power News