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Economics says time to shut down some coal plants

From Think Progress : Sadly the graph isn't global, it's for the 15 US states with the best wind resources. But for those states it's saying that the cost of just operating and fueling coal plants exceeds the cost for wind power of constructing, operating, and fueling. View full post on Wind Power News

Economics Will Keep Wind and Solar Energy Thriving Under Trump

On the plains of West Texas, new wind farms can be built for just $22 a megawatt-hour. In the Arizona and Nevada deserts, solar projects are less than $40 a megawatt-hour. View full post on Wind Power News

The strong economics of wind energy | John Abraham

Major international companies are using wind power to go green and save money. As a follow-up to a recent article I posted on renewable energy, this article discusses the economics of wind in both the developed and developing worlds compared to other renewable energy sources. At the recent climate conference in Paris, 70 countries highlighted […]

Research and Markets: The Evolution and Economics of Wind Power

Wind is the movement of air generated by the earth’s rotation and by the heating of the atmosphere by the sun. The wind resulting is both intermittent and unpredictable. View full post on Wind Power News

Economics of compressed air energy storage to integrate wind power: A case study in ERCOT

Energy Policy , Vol. 39, No. 5. , pp. 2330-2342, doi:10.1016/j.enpol.2011.01.049 Compressed air energy storage could be paired with a wind farm to provide firm, dispatchable baseload power, or serve as a peaking plant and capture upswings in electricity prices. View full post on Wind Power News

Economics of wind power won’t blow you over

A lot of numbers are batted about in projections on spending for construction and payments to farmers and taxes paid to local governments. View full post on Wind Power News

MPs to investigate the economics of wind power | Damian Carrington

The committee, prompted by my scoop that the Treasury wants to slash subsidies for onshore turbines, is asking some deliciously rhetorical questions Following my revelation that George Osborne’s Treasury is seeking to slash the subsidies for onshore wind power – the cheapest form of renewable energy – the House of commons select committee on energy […]