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Advanced Energy Economy Over 3 Million in U.S. Now Work for Clean…

Today , national business groups representing the range and breadth of clean energy companies in the United States cheered government statistics showing their industries support more than 3 million American jobs – equal to the employment of retail stores across the country, and twice as many jobs as involved in construction of buildings. This is […]

Brazil Wind at Risk as Weak Economy Crimps Demand, GE Says

The country installed 2.75 gigawatts of turbines in 2015, making it the world's fourth-biggest market. So far this year there hasn't been a single new contract for power from wind farms sold at auctions, and General Electric Co., the top supplier, doesn't see much on the horizon. View full post on Wind Power News

Let’s use Tata Steel to build the UK’s wind turbines and green economy

Thousands of Tata steel workers may soon be in need of employment. The vast majority of the infrastructure for a decarbonised energy sector is still to be built. Is it really that hard to put two and two together? Following the announcement by Tata Steel that its Port Talbot plant is haemorrhaging money and will […]

The Guardian view on greening the economy: the price is worth paying | Editorial

Some of the policy needed updating. But it cannot be made cost-free The government’s energy policy is chaotic. On the one hand, with time running out before the Paris climate change summit in December, it is committed to agreeing tough international targets, backed by demanding European and domestic programmes for carbon reduction and renewable energy […]

Wind on the Wires: Clean power plan will help grow Wisconsina s economy

Regarding the column “Wisconsin should reject ‘Californication’ of state’s power grid” , If you want a look into what the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan could bring to Wisconsin, one need not look any further than our neighboring states. As Tom Tanton mentions in his commentary, the CPP is a coordinated way to reduce […]

Tory pledge to end wind subsidies risks green economy, say industry leaders

Conservatives’ manifesto promise to halt wind subsidies is at odds with their emissions goals and threatens green energy jobs and new projects, says renewable industry The Conservatives must not undermine the so-called green economy and cause job losses through their manifesto pledge to end subsidies for onshore windfarms, figures in the renewable energy industry have […]

How Ohio’s Energy Economy Became a Radioactive 19th Century Relic

Tesla electric sales networks were moving into the state, bringing full player status in the spread of the world’s most advanced automobiles. And we had adopted a forward-looking green energy package poised to bring billions of new investments along with thousands of new jobs. View full post on Wind Power News

Keep the climate, change the economy

The UN says we need to make a ‘massive shift’ to renewables to curb climate change. How can we encourage investors? Sponsored feature This month, the Obama administration announced new rules aimed at cutting carbon pollution from power stations by 30% from 2005 levels by 2030. Never before has a US president attempted to regulate […]

Why Ontario’s economy is running out of energy: Cohn

The pursuit of power – electrical and political – is what keeps Queen’s Park fired up. View full post on Wind Power News

Guest commentary: Wind power is safe, affordable and good for economy

A recent Op-Ed repeated a variety of myths about wind energy development. The reality is that wind power is essential to reducing public health impacts from the energy sector and is helping drive local economic development throughout Wisconsin. View full post on Wind Power News