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EDITORIAL: Wind energy plan raises environmentalists’ ire

Wind turbine and wind swept surrounding plants and terrain of the 45th Operations Group Detachment 2, at Ascension Auxiliary Airfield , South Atlantic Ocean. As the Review-Journal's Henry Brean reports , a Swedish company wants to put up to 220 wind turbines along a 22-mile swatch of land west of Searchlight. View full post on […]

The Observer view on Scotland’s windfarm dilemma | Observer editorial

The government must find a way to proceed with green energy projects while maintaining responsibility for its environment For anyone who has concerns about our environment and about humanity’s future in a rapidly heating world, the proposed construction of massive offshore windfarms in Scotland’s Firths of Forth and Tay poses a dilemma of some magnitude. […]

EDITORIAL: Sandy Creek power-plant case raises topic ripe for state legislative scrutiny

Last week's decision by a McLennan County jury slashing the tax appraisal of the Sandy Creek coal-fired power plant by more than half, likely crimping governmental entities such as Riesel Independent School District and McLennan Community College, wasn't all that surprising, given that many such cases play out in court these days in David-vs.-Goliath fashion. […]

Hinkley C is the wrong project at the wrong price | Editorial

This project will suck up billions that ought to be invested in reducing demand and developing renewables The French energy giant EDF today finally decided to go ahead with Hinkley C . It may be a disaster for the largely state-owned company. If the British government now gives the nod to the first round of […]

EDITORIAL: Wind energy benefits for Hidalgo County and RGV

As the debate over climate change rages on – with some fervently believing we need to curb our fossil fuel usage, while others think it is a global hoax – there’s one thing we know for certain: South Texas has plenty of wind. And harnessing that wind can supply electricity and energy, not only for […]

The Guardian view on greening the economy: the price is worth paying | Editorial

Some of the policy needed updating. But it cannot be made cost-free The government’s energy policy is chaotic. On the one hand, with time running out before the Paris climate change summit in December, it is committed to agreeing tough international targets, backed by demanding European and domestic programmes for carbon reduction and renewable energy […]

Editorial: The push for solar power

USING renewable energy in a setting dominated by non-renewable power has always been tricky. We saw, for example, environmentalists tangle with former governor Gwendolyn Garcia on the construction of more coal-fired power plants in the province. View full post on Wind Power News

Editorial: No green pass for wind farms

Even wind-energy projects, as green as they might be in their overall environmental impact, have a duty to monitor and control their toll on birds. That’s the valuable takeaway from a guilty plea entered Tuesday by a company with wind projects in Wyoming that killed a disturbing number of golden eagles and other birds. View […]

Editorial | Off-shore wind power development vital for future

The North Shore Wind Team may not be well-known to Grand Strand residents, but the team has done significant work to foster the development of ocean winds as a source of energy. View full post on Wind Power News

David Cameron’s Conservatism: blowing in the wind | Editorial

The prime minister’s once-determined proclamation of a newly progressive Conservatism is now scarcely audible A tiny change in the North Kensington skyline was perhaps the first sign that the Cameronian overhaul of the Conservative party had run its course. The Tory leader had talked for months about putting a turbine on his roof, but after […]