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Perry study backfires again: Draft praises efficiency standards he is stalling

A leaked draft study of the electric grid requested by Energy Secretary Rick Perry found that federal energy efficiency policies are in the process of saving U.S. consumers and businesses more than a half trillion dollars. Meanwhile, the new administration is halting energy efficiency policies and gutting funding for energy efficiency improvements for American homes. […]

Energy industry leaders talk efficiency

Bill Magness, president and CEO of Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which operates the Texas power grid, discusses how energy impacts families, individuals and businesses during Saturday's Energy Summit and Fair in Denton. Leaders of local energy companies talked energy consumption on Saturday morning during U.S. Congressman Michael Burgess' annual Energy Summit and Fair at […]

Germany and China are beating the U.S. in energy efficiency

The United States ranks No. 8 among the world's most energy-efficient nations, while the clean-energy powerhouse Germany holds the top slot, a new report found. View full post on Wind Power News

Nation committed to renewable energy, energy efficiency

Taiwan is working to promote renewable energy and improve energy efficiency to cope with the challenges of climate change and meet growing electricity demand, Economics Minister John Deng said on Tuesday at a conference on energy issues in Taipei. Taiwan is designing sustainable power solutions for the next generation to face up to climate change, […]

Boulder Wind Power’s New DC Generation Systema Increases Turbine System Efficiency Up To 2%

Boulder Wind Power , a developer of advanced permanent magnet generators and full power converter technology for utility-scale wind turbines, today announced an expansion to their product line with the new DC Generation SystemTM. View full post on Wind Power News

A new algorithm improves the efficiency of small wind turbines

According to estimates by the WWEA-World Wind Energy Association, the level of development of the mini wind energy industry is not the same as that of the wind energy industry, although forecasts are optimistic. View full post on Wind Power News

HHO hydrogen 38 plate cell for light cammercial vehicles. Output and efficiency DEMONSTRATION.

For more information please visit: Light commercial vehicle System technical …

High Efficiency Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Disclosed video clip shows practical presentation of High Efficiency Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine to understand basic concept. Briefly stated, my invention comprises Wind Turbine Head having very high RPM limit, wherein a tower divided in two parts as main tower (10) and sub tower (02) which are not in one line and there extensional distance […]