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Wind and Solar Energy Are Dead Ends

Renewable energy is the way of the future, we are told. It is inevitable. Some renewable energy advocates boldly claim that the world could be powered by renewable energy as early as 2030 with enough government subsidies, that is. View full post on Wind Power News

On summer solstice, my £100 bet against solar power ends – who won?

Solar may be popular but environmentalists must be hard-headed about how to reduce CO2 in the cheapest way Summer solstice. At dawn. What better time could there be for resolving a duel, albeit one not fought with flintlocks? The time is of my choosing, as the other party, though he accepted the challenge, would not […]

Canal power plant tax deal with town ends soon

‘s quotes: “The number of days that the canal plant was operational in 2011 was significantly lower than in years prior to the short-term upgrades.” – Paige M. Kane , GenOn . View full post on Wind Power News