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UK green energy expensive? Not any more. From now on it’s cheap

A record low price set for offshore wind power is good for UK jobs, the taxpayer and household bills. It is bad news for Hinkley C and the nuclear industry The persistent myth that green energy is expensive has been shredded by the revelation that windfarms will be built around Britain’s coast far more cheaply […]

Study: Green Energy Is 5 Times More Expensive Than Conventional Power

Electricity from new wind and solar power is 2.5 to five times more expensive than electricity from existing conventional power sources, according to a study published Tuesday by the free-market Institute for Energy Research . IER's study found that new solar and wind power are nearly five and 3.5 times more expensive, respectively, than electricity […]

EPA taking expensive route to clean power

President Obama’s updated proposal to reduce power-plant emissions met with predictable opposition from coal-producing states, since that’s the electricity-producing source the administration seeks to eliminate. In announcing the EPA’s new Clean Power Plan, the president characterized reducing carbon pollution by power plants as an historic step in climate change. View full post on Wind Power […]

Study: New Wind Energy Is 3 Times More Expensive Than Existing Coal Power

EPA regulations are forcing hundreds of coal-fired generators to prematurely retire, but replacing the existing coal fleet with new wind farms and natural gas-fired plants will burden Americans with higher cost electricity, according to a new study . The free-market Institute for Energy Research has released a new report showing that electricity from new wind […]

Kansas Follows the Dangerous Road to Build Expensive Coal Plant

KDHE gives Sunflower the green light to build new coal plant at Holcomb, ignoring pollution and rising costs Wind turbines at Beaumont, Kansas. View full post on Wind Power News

Scientist Roy Spencer is wrong: fossil fuels are expensive

Screengrab of Dr. Roy Spencer, who told Catholic Online that solar and wind power are too expensive. View full post on Wind Power News

DEQ donates wind turbine at Bay City office to community college, repairs too expensive

The Department of Environmental Quality has decided not to repair the wind turbine, which began malfunctioning last year, that once stood at the agency’s Bay City office. View full post on Wind Power News