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Zoltek expands carbon fiber operations at Hungarian facility

Zoltek Companies, Inc . , a global leader in the production of low-cost industrial grade carbon fiber, on April 6 announced an increase in carbon fiber production capacity at the facility located in Nyergesjfalu, Hungary. View full post on Wind Power News

Carbon fiber likely to be used in your next car

Carbon fiber has received quite a bit of attention lately, primarily due to its extensive use in Boeing’s high-tech, lighter weight 787 Dreamliner airplanes. View full post on Wind Power News

Wind Energy to Create Boon for Carbon Fiber Industry

Big gains in the wind energy industry will lead to gains in the carbon fiber industry. View full post on Wind Power News

Novel offshore wind energy system relies on carbon fiber sails

The 50-kW Nova project features a composites-intensive offshore, double-arm, vertical axes wind turbine system that will investigate the affordability and feasibility of manufacturing this innovative energy system. View full post on Wind Power News