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With Christie gone, New Jersey can finally gets its clean energy act together | Opinion

New Jersey legislators are poised to set the state on a path to becoming one of the nation's cleanest-energy states. After eight years of Gov. Chris Christie's pandering to the fossil fuel industry, putting the kibosh on efforts to cut carbon pollution, and then attempting a misguided, last-minute bailout of the state's struggling nuclear plants, […]

UK climate change masterplan – the grownups have finally won

Government’s clean growth strategy unequivocally states that tackling climate change and a prosperous economy go hand in hand The grownups have finally won and everyone in the UK, from those in cold homes to those on polluted streets and in flooded towns, will benefit. The most important aspect of the UK government’s new clean growth […]

Why I’m Finally Buying Copper Stocks

Huge winners and huge losers will be created. It's going to be one of strongest financial tailwinds we'll see in our lifetime. View full post on Wind Power News

‘Really remarkable’: Finally some good news in the battle against climate change

Global carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and industry have stabilised for a third year in a row, in a shift that will reduce the risks of dangerous climate change if the trend continues, researchers say. CO2 emissions from the two sources last year were steady at about 9.9 gigatonnes, slowing from a pace that […]

U.S. will finally get its first offshore wind farm this year

Almost as long as I’ve been covering green tech, the Block Island Wind Farm has been in the works. The project, first approved by the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission in 2010 , was seen as a smaller-scale pilot project that could prove the feasibility of offshore wind power generation in the U.S. Six years […]

Queensland windfarm finally cleared after four years of approval processes

Federal environment minister Greg Hunt approves $380m Mount Emerald windfarm, which can provide power for up to 75,000 homes After four years of delays owing to red tape, construction on Queensland’s largest windfarm could start within a year. The federal environment minister, Greg Hunt, approved the $380m Mount Emerald farm, in the Atherton Tablelands, on […]

Government finally admits it is subsidising nuclear – while cutting help for renewables

The official admission blows a hole in already bewildering UK energy plans, which back the failed and expensive over the cheap and successful The government confirms that it is not continuing the ‘no public subsidy policy’ [for nuclear power] of the previous administration. That little footnote, tucked away at the end of the announcement of […]

Offshore wind power is finally coming to the U.S.

Clean energy advocates aren’t usually excited by the sight of energy infrastructure off their coastlines, but the barges floating beyond Block Island, R.I., are different. The envoy of crane ships and flatboats are preparing the site of a new offshore wind farm, set to launch after the turbines are installed next summer. View full post […]

Offshore Wind Power May Finally Blow into U.S. Waters

More than 2,300 wind turbines operate off the coasts of 11 countries in Europe, especially in the North and Irish seas, but not a single offshore wind turbine exists in the U.S. today. Sandy beaches, water parks and T-shirt shops draw millions of tourists to Myrtle Beach, S.C., each summer, but officials there think they […]

Is US offshore wind power finally ready to take off?

There is just one turbine operating off the US coast. But the long-awaited Cape Wind project could change everyting View full post on Environment: Wind power |