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Wind energy powered more than five million homes in first quarter of 2018

Wind turbines in Scotland provided a 44% increase in power to the National Grid during the first quarter of 2018, environmental groups say. Analysis of WWF wind power data by WeatherEnergy found wind turbines provided over 5,353,997 MWh of electricity to the grid during the quarter. View full post on Wind Power News

Wind energy will reduce costs sharply over next five years, IEA report finds

Costs for onshore wind energy will fall 15% while offshore wind could cut costs by half in the next five years, according to the latest report from the International Energy Agency. The IEA's Renewable Energy Medium Term Market Report outlines the pace and scale of cost reduction for wind energy toward 2021. View full post […]

Five things you should know about Jim Judge

For the first time in more than two decades, the chief executive's office at Eversource Energy in the Prudential Tower has a new occupant. But he is a familiar face to longtime employees. View full post on Wind Power News

Five things Argentina can do to boost renewables

Argentina’s Energy and Mining Minister Juan Jos Aranguren has his work cut out for him. The summer season is here – and with it the blackouts from lack of electricity. View full post on Wind Power News

Five Things You Need to Know About the Extension of the ITC/PTC

On December 18, Congress approved and President Obama signed into law the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2016 . Among the 887-page budget bill’s myriad provisions is an extension of federal income tax credits for solar, wind and certain other renewable energy facilities. View full post on Wind Power News

Race to renewable: five developing countries ditching fossil fuels

Costa Rica, Afghanistan, China, India and Albania are all embracing renewable energy sources – five experts give their opinion on what the future holds Costa Rica is well on its way to becoming the first developing country to have 100% renewable electricity. Thanks to our hydro, wind and geothermal resources, 98% of our power is […]

Five eco villages around the world

Communities in Senegal, Colombia, Jamaica, Palestine and Egypt are experimenting with more sustainable ways of living “In the 2000s, we felt our land was dying. We were not getting the yields we were expecting,” says Ousmane Pame, who grew up in Guédé Chantier, a village of 7,000 inhabitants in northern Senegal. When we started there […]

Five Fatal Flaws of Solar Energy

The sun is the most important energy source on Earth. It provides our daily warmth and light and the rotation and orbit of the earth turn its steady output into fluctuating day and night, summer and winter. View full post on Wind Power News

Five Wind Energy Stocks To Watch

With the bankruptcy filings of solar firms Evergreen Solar and Solyndra, many investors have seriously begun to question the validity of alternative energy. View full post on Wind Power News