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Queensland could reap $24bn renewables boom if it phases out coal generators

Analysts say sector could expand sixfold if all planned projects proceed and government focuses on carbon reduction policies Regional Queensland is on the verge of a $24bn renewable energy boom, but the “vast majority” of projects will never be built without the phase out of existing coal-fired power stations and government policy to reduce emissions […]

Strong progress by Chinese solar power generators will see subsidies eliminated by 2025

Chinese solar and wind power generators will be further weaned off their reliance on subsidies for growth, after meeting their technical goals quicker than expected, according to an industry regulator. “Assuming no wastage of wind and solar power generated due to power grid bottlenecks, we had estimated that wind power will reach grid parity by […]

Wind power generators get 2014 tax break, but 2015 iffy

So it’s no surprise to me that wind power is big in the Lone Star State. In fact, it took Texas wind energy producers just 11 months to break last year’s record for generation . View full post on Wind Power News

Energy 2 Green Review | Learn How To Build Solar And Wind Power Generators – Vinamy

Energy 2 Green is the latest program that teaches people how to create a mini-power plant, and how to build their own solar and wind power . View full post on Wind Power News

Vertical axis Wind turbines VAWT FDC-S series wind generators Safe Silent Strong Silent Wind Turbine . The Vertical Axis Wind-Power Turbine ( VAWT ) is a new product designed . We started the research o…

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Wind power generators seek payment sops in Tamil Nadu –

Chennai, Nov 25: Wind power generators in Tamil Nadu and manufacturers of wind turbines Sunday requested the state government to extend to them a payment guarantee mechanism promised to solar power generators. View full post on Wind Power News

How to build your own Wind Generators for Home Use You don’t have to be a specialist to build your own wind generators for home use. You may now find stand-alone kit with comprehensive instructions. You easily have got to follow their particular needs correctly to get a hold of your individual customized wind-powered generator.