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Researchers say even without Clean Power Plan, U.S. can meet its goals

Last year, the Trump administration announced it would withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement, and repeal the Clean Power Plan, or CPP. That's the Obama-era policy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from electric power generation by 32% by 2030, below 2005 levels. View full post on Wind Power News

Once the storm settles, a clearer picture emerges of government’s energy goals | Katharine Murphy

Lecturing the state governments about their emissions reduction policies tends to work better if you have a clear medium-term pathway of your own As things stand at the moment, I can’t tell you what the re-elected Turnbull government is about. I don’t think anyone would be able to tell you. As some pundits would put […]

New energy law sets ambitious goals, but challenges abound

A future in which Massachusetts homes and businesses are powered by energy from ocean- and land-based wind farms, solar rays, and hydroelectricity flowing from Quebec is envisioned under a state law overwhelmingly approved by the Democrat-controlled Legislature and signed this past week by Republican Gov. Charlie Baker. The key provision in the 37-page law is […]

Gov. Baker touts accomplishments, sets goals in speech

Gov. Charlie Baker hailed what he called the spirit of bipartisanship on Beacon Hill as he detailed some of his goals for the new year in his first State of the State address Thursday. The Republican governor spoke for about 25-minutes to a joint session of the Legislature – overwhelmingly controlled by Democrats – and […]

Rapid switch to renewable energy can put Paris climate goals within reach

Increasing renewables to 36% of the global energy mix by 2030 would provide about half emissions reductions needed to hold warming to 2C, says International Renewable Energy Agency Countries can deliver on the promises of the historic Paris climate change agreement by rapid scaling up wind and solar power to 36% of the global energy […]

A Day Late, Dollar Short: Obama and China Agree on Languid Climate Goals

‘This agreement isn’t a commitment to reduce carbon emissions on a timescale appropriate to the magnitude of the crisis. It mostly kicks the ball down the road.’ View full post on Wind Power News

Maine gov seeks to get rid of wind energy goals

But now Republican Gov. Paul LePage says the targets don’t really help the state and are so far out of reach as to be meaningless, so why have them? A bill recently introduced by the governor would do away with the megawatt targets and replace them with goals to expand economic opportunities and lower electricity […]

Maine wind power inches toward generation goals

Wind power generated in Maine is now producing nearly 500 megawatts, enough to supply the average needs of 175,000 households. View full post on Wind Power News

State needs wind energy to reach its goals

Much of the attention paid to Gov.Martin O’Malley’s second offshore wind proposal has centered around the cost of building and maintaining an offshore wind farm and its effect on ratepayers. View full post on Wind Power News