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When it comes to oil and gas, – keep it in the ground’ is the worst thing to do

It has become fashionable among some environmentalists to declare that little of consequence would happen to the nation's economy if oil and natural gas production were to be phased out. Proponents of say that as motorists shift to electric vehicles, the need for fossil fuels will rapidly decline, replaced by batteries that run on solar […]

U.S. Fisherman Are ‘Losing Ground’ To Massive Offshore Wind Farms

U.S. fisherman are pushing back against plans to construct offshore wind farms along the East Coast, claiming the large clusters of turbines affect navigation, regulation and fish behavior, The Associated Press reports. “You ever see a radar picture of a wind farm? It's just one big blob, basically,” Massachusetts fisherman Eric Hansen told the AP. […]

Renewables roadshow – Broken Hill: mining the ground to mining the sun – video

It may be the spirtual home of Priscilla and Mad Max, but Australia’s first heritage-listed city is reimagining its future post mining and shifting its focus to renewable energy with large-scale wind and solar farms Transforming waste into a cleaner Cowra Continue reading… View full post on Wind power | The Guardian

Fort Hood Breaks Ground on Army’s First Wind and Solar Energy Project

It is official. By the end of this year Fort Hood could be tapping into a more reliable, cleaner, and more affordable energy source. View full post on Wind Power News

Major wind farm breaks ground in Montana

Construction has begun in southern Montana on a 120-turbine wind farm that would be one of the biggest wind power projects in the state. The $550 million Mud Springs Wind Ranch near Bridger in Carbon County is expected to take several years to complete. View full post on Wind Power News

Why Latin America is a fertile ground for green tech industries

Rapid urbanisation has made south and central America an attractive testbed for innovation in sustainable living Latin America is becoming a global arena for green innovation as foreign companies head for the region to partner with a rapidly growing local clean technology sector. Abundant resources, favourable regulations and government, and multilateral initiatives are nurturing international […]

New law lays out ground rules for wind power

Wind turbines generate as much as 10 percent of the electricity used in states with wide plains, including those in eastern Colorado. View full post on Wind Power News

Donald Trump anti-wind power fundraiser fails to get off the ground

Anti-wind power fundraiser featuring Donald Trump hit by poor ticket sales, forcing organiser Chris Heaton-Harris MP to cancel Chris Heaton-Harris, the Conservative MP for Daventry, is perhaps best known outside his constituency for his vocal stance against wind turbines. Earlier this year, he organised a letter signed by 101 fellow Conservative MPs – and a […]